6 Tips for Getting Votes in the Think Tank Challenge

Once the Essay Challenge begins, we want to help you and your school get as many votes as possible. Remember, everyone is allowed to vote one time per day, per person; that means the more people you get to your schools page, the better chance you have of coming out on top.

Here are some of our top tips that you can use to help your school win the challenge.

Have a Plan: Once voting begins you need to be ready to go. Before voting starts, sit down and map out a strategy for victory. Decide who you’re going to tell, and how you’re going to encourage people to visit EssayChallenge.com

Encourage Friends and Family: Whether you have an essay in the challenge or not, you want to do everything you can to help your school and your classmates win. One way to do that is to encourage your friends and family to visit EssayChallenge.com, follow our Facebook page, and make sure they share your school’s essays on social media daily.

Make it go Viral: The more you can do to get the word out, the better chances you have of winning. Include a link in your email, tweet, post updates to Facebook, and share your schools Essay Challenge URL with everyone!

Make it your Homepage: Since we only allow one vote per day, per person, encourage people to make the EssayChallenge.com their home page during the voting process. That way every day when they start up their computer they will be reminded to vote.

Have a Blog? If you have a blog, make sure you write about the contest. This not only helps get the word out, but you be helping others learn how to have a successful financial future.

Follow us on Facebook @NuvisionFCU: It’s important that you follow us for daily updates throughout the contest. We will update voting tallies, and provide you with extra tips throughout the process. So head over to www.facebook.com/NuvisionFCU/ and like us on Facebook

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