Alyicia W. – Cabrillo High School

Take action. Have pride in yourself. Why am I thinking over these phrases again? To help me lead to an even brighter future. A future where I don’t have to worry about paying loans or obsessing over still not knowing what you want to do with your life. To be honest, I could be working on something other than this essay that’ll help me with this essay but this could be something to firmly look back on to keep me going at where I stand sooner or later. This also could even help me learn more from my experiences considering that I consider to myself sometimes that maybe I want to write my own books and express it out to people that are interested. But, it’s not like I can’t want a miracle to happen and then BOOM! I’m a writer. No. Even if a lot of people would want that to happen, it won’t happen anyways unless somehow everyone became billionaires for no reason at all.

You have to earn it. By earning it, you need money. By needing means getting a job after graduating from college or even from high school. Sadly, I am not even close to learning how to save money even if my parents yell at me for coming home with a bag of chips. Also, it’s really sad when I preferably buy the $1.50 bag instead of just a 50 cent bag even though it’s plainly a bag of chips. I could just about have much money I would have saved for every bag of chips I buy. This just shows how much this whole world revolves around money. You need money to buy food, a shelter, and pay taxes. So that’s why you need a job, so you can earn money. Seemingly, money is almost the only way to make it out alive in this world. It’s as simple as a video game where you need to money to buy more powerful weapons or certain items to complete the next level.

Make sure when you get a job, it has to be something that you can actually enjoy even if the pay is low. At least on the bright side, when you pick your career as your final. You could very well have great experience. That’s why if you hope to do something that you want in the future you set that as a huge goal and work your way there. Even if it’s little by little, you’ll get there so that’s why you must be set to save your money and make great choices while you can to have a successful life. Take action and most of all have pride in yourself.