Andres M.- Savanna High School

Think Tank Challenge Essay

Throughout our beginning we’ve been conditioned to spend and spend quickly rather than save up for something bigger in life. This age of technology allows us to consume more knowledge however as well as be exposed to the glitter and glamor that many advertisers lay onto us daily. Still as we grow we learn from these mistakes and we set upon our future as these choices with our spending build goals for our education and aspirations.

The most common lesson that was taught to many of us including me from the morals of school was “Money won’t buy you happiness” and that has stuck to me for a while. However looking back at it I now know that just half the lesson as financing your future will require that need of money. Money will always be on our mind and we have to realize that it’s okay as saving is the key concept to remember. The first step that I learned was planning towards the goals that we want to achieve after high school and it is challenging don’t get me wrong as we are mapping the rest of our lives out in months that are meant to be long but feel so short. Planning is crucial and doing it now with all that I have learned is great as I feel more motivated to get myself started in saving for the bigger picture than a quick fix.

I was an ordinary kid with ordinary desires but that constant need to spend kept me in place and so did my family who were also in that same rut that kept us trapped. Questions always played in my mind such as “why should I even save when I can have it now?” or “I’m only a teen I can save when Im much older and still be well off. Besides what’s the worst that could happen?” Well it sad to say but a lot of things can happen such as going on without a warm meal even missing educational opportunities as sacrifices at times need to be made and that leaves me at my second step which is to prepare. We as a people have many factors for and against us which in turn can leave us unprepared but knowing this step early on is a key factor to doing well in the long run. It is 2017 and we as a country are in a cycle of hardship due to the current state of the economy but having the knowledge and the will to hold back temptations from our little wants we can succeed. I remember one person telling us that if they wanted a chocolate bar they wouldn’t buy one unless they could afford twenty times that price and I want to strive towards that as that lesson has reinforced the idea to me that preparing is a major concept to manage.

Going outside and waiting for the newest phone or going for a college loan is doing something that can be at times a hefty price but the idea to keep in mind is that of a quick fix or the long term picture which at times we don’ t see. I never had the intent to save the money I had earned other than to save if I wanted something a bit larger but not needed. Going through these last few weeks I have I have planned my course which is the sea of real life and I am currently preparing by saving my money and focusing on the smaller things as my grows smaller.

This is now a time for me to do thing and allows me to explain my last step which is getting it done. Ever since my lesson I have made sure that I don’t take all I have for granted as it is my future in hand. After college I want to look back at all that I have done and be proud of myself and had everything planned out so that I was prepared for the future and I can do much more with my life.

Overall the lessons that I have learned have made me think of the lifestyle I want to have when I am older and has allowed me to look at the larger picture at hand. I don’t want to be unhappy and I don’t want to stress about life but at time we have to because it’s needed. The workshop clicked a switch and taught me to manage myself than let the wind blow me around. In the end I know that life is going to be okay if I planned accordingly to the point where I feel prepared as I can do bigger and better things for myself as well as give back.