Ashley M. – Savanna High School

My name is Ashley M. and I am a big creative dreamer and hope that I can make my dreams tum into a reality. My dreams consist of being able to support my parents, having a loving family, and living in a beautiful house, having an enjoyable and adventurous career, and living happy overall. I believe that it is possible, and if it means to start the journey with being a great student and financially smart, then I am willing to try my hardest. When I grow up one of my biggest goals is to not have to worry and stress out about money. I really want to show people that Hispanic/ Latino young women are capable of being smart enough to attend a university and grow up to be successful. However, a big issue in my family is money and my parents work hard   to earn enough for my family and of course it is tough. At home, my parents are financially struggling which is difficult for me to cope with, since I like shopping and going out. Witnessing financial struggles first hand is an extremely stressful situation. At school, my classmates are always complaining how the school does not teach us about taxes, paying bills, and being a smart adult. Something that is dreadful for students going into the real world is that they have little or   no knowledge about what being “financially smart “means. On Valentine’s Day I attended this financial workshop. I did my best to make time to attend it where I learned some valuable lessons. It showed everyone how we have the ability to take action for our future in order to have one less issue to deal with.

To begin, I learned about how important it is to know about inflation. Prices are going up and I want a career that can keep up with the inflation rates. It encourages me to ask my parents about their raises and if they are keeping up with it. It teaches me that when I get a career, I need to be aware of whether or not my raises are keeping up with the trend. It just opens my mind on this les so n can be so impacting.

Second, I learned about the three fundamentals which are time, rate of return, and taxes. I believe that I have the potential to start saving more than spending. I do not want to have to make huge loan s to have to pay college, because I have always heard of people getting into debt, which is something I really want to avoid. In addition, I learned that it is one of the most common ways   to becoming poor, which I want to steer clear from that as much as I can, such as receiving scholarships. Next, I am determined to control time by using it to my advantage, unlike allowing myself to keep thinking that it is there is always later. I know that there are obstacles to building wealth, such as unexpected events, such as having my dad get laid off. Things changed when that happened. I was young and did not understand why someone would lay off my dad, and the   worst part was that my family was not prepared for how long this would last.

Finally, the most important lesson that I learned was about saving money. Always hearing about saving just got annoying and did not seem that important to me. The speaker at the workshop, Rose, told the audience about the benefits about saving money. It opened my eyes. It honestly just encouraged me to start saving for college because it is coming sooner than I know. It taught me how saving money allows us to be prepared by not spending money from my   parents’ saving accounts. I want to be prepared for the unexpected, therefore I will always remember to have a sufficient amount in my savings when I am an adult.

Overall, I will work hard to achieve my goals and dreams. Therefore, the lessons that I learned at the workshop were very impacting. I do believe that there should be more of these workshops because of all the feedback I heard, it was very inspiring and interesting. All in all, I am pushing through these hard times to be able to get to the sunshine bright, happy times. I just got to believe that with the daily learning, I will become a better person each and every day. In the end, it’s exciting for me to understand what being financially lite rate means, which is adventure because I do see a brighter future ahead of me.