Ashley T. – City Honor College Preparatory

Money is a very valuable and important thing that people need for multiple things like buying groceries, paying the water bill, phone bill, rent etc. When I first heard about the workshop it was at a school assembly and the first thing that intrigued me into wanting to go to the workshop was that they offered 5,000 dollars’ worth in scholarships if you’re essay won. That money that can be really useful for my education in the future and I decided why not go to the workshop and see what more I can learn even if I don’t win, but I can learn some useful tips that I can use later on in high school or just in the future in general. Money is something everyone wants and needs in their life. It’s such an important thing to almost everyone; mostly because it gets us the things we want, but sometimes we focus a little too much on what we want and not what we need. I learned that we should think about what we need first. For example I may really want to buy a brand new car but I would be better off buying a house. One reason being, the car may be nice and everyone may admire it but do you really need it? The answer is no, A brand new car is a privilege not a necessity. On the other hand a house is something you need, you need a place to stay in. It’s really important to invest your money in things you need first and if you want to get something you like later on there’s nothing wrong with that but focus on what you need first. It’s also a good idea to start saving money at an early age because that also benefits the type of lifestyle I will have when I retire. Another thing that I learned is that I should donate the first 10% percent I make, save the next 10% percent, and live off the other 80% percent I make. Saving my money will make me have more money in the future and the other 80% percent I will pay my rent, food, bills and other things I essentially need. But at first I never really got the point in donating the first 10% percent that I make. I never thought it was important. Later on I learned that donating part of what I make had its indirect benefits. I can help people that live in my community or even outside my community have a better life or better opportunities. I could donate at a place that helps get laptops for schools who don’t have that much money that can help someone do their school work much more easily.

I never really thought about saving money, ways I can earn a lot faster and how that will affect me when I retire later on in the future and how that will affect me even now. I will start to think more wisely about how I spend my money and how much I spend. Something I will do sometime soon is open a saving account and put in half of the money I have in my savings account and keep the rest to spend on things I want or need in case of an emergency. This will help me keep track of my money much more easily and I will keep this in mind in the near future, among other things I learned at this workshop, including always keeping track of all my credit and debit card payments, because that will also be a huge impact in my life when I try to buy a home or try to get a loan.