Brianda M. – City Honors College Preparatory

The lessons of this Think.Tank.Challenge will influence my choices with money and my goals in High School, College and beyond in many ways. Before attending NuVision’s 2017 Scholarship Program, I didn’t know much about credit, saving, or how to even invest to the best of my abilities with all of my earnings. Before this workshop, I didn’t know that there are 3 major companies that are always watching your credits. I didn’t know there was a certain amount of points that create either a good, bad or decent credit score. I found it insane how if you held a bad credit score, it would always follow you causing it to be difficult to get accepted into a job and difficult to buy an apartment, all because of your bad credit shadowing you.

I also learned quite a lot about saving and investing. My interpretation of saving and investing was, collecting money and storing it all in a so called, “piggy bank.” I learned there are many incredibly helpful ways to save, and invest money. There are two ways to become either wealthy, or poor. In order to become wealthy start off with your income, then follow onto your savings, and lastly go with your LT savings, those steps will lead you to become wealthy. Now, if you go from your income, to borrowing, to spending it, and going into debt, this will lead you to be poor.

I’d like to mention this quote our School Ambassador, Lester Baron shared with us. The quote is, “Don’t save what is left after spending. Spend what is left after saving.” By Warren Buffett. I consider this quote to be a very essential component while trying to grasp the idea on what it is to actually save, and invest. There are many good ways to save money. If you’re a student, you can shop at stores that offer student discounts. Instead of going to coffee shops, try making your beverages at home instead of paying for something you could’ve easily done for free. Instead of driving, and paying for gasoline, try walking or riding a bike to your destination.

This workshop had an impact on the way I view money, because of how easy, and obvious these procedures to save money really were. I can say this workshop opened my eyes and taught me that it’s not impossible, or hard to save and invest from those savings. With all the information that I learned on credit, saving, and investing I feel a lot better about myself, and being able to stay at a stable position with my money, and earnings. I will try my best to save, and invest in all of my money. My goal is to invest as much as I possibly can for when I go to college where I will work on making sure I have a bright future, and make it even brighter with all of my earnings.

I will make obtain an excellent credit score, by repaying all debt I make as soon as I can to keep my credits high. The last way I will invest my money is my favorite way, the first 10% of money I make I will donate to a charity, the next 10% I will save, and I will live off of the 80% I have left, and continue this method for as long as I possibly can. I believe anyone can benefit off of all this information. This Information could definitely help me and my family financially, because we never really thought about all these tips, and ideas on how to maintain good credit, how to save, and how to invest from it.