Brianna O. – Oxford Academy

Think. Tank. Challenge.

As a young child in the growing world, I had always wondered what my future would hold. I had dreams of earning so much money that I would be able to live a happy life and achieve all of my goals. But unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale. There are twists and turns that flip life upside down, but I have to deal with them and face challenging obstacles in order to become successful and to make a difference in this world. It’s as if I have a key in my hand, but I just don’t know what door to life I should unlock. Growing up to become a teenager, I realized how everything in life can be greatly impacted by money: what food I eat, what house I live in, whether or not I have a job, etc. I wondered about investing and having a bank account, but I didn’t delve into them that much. I would always save my money that I got from birthdays and special occasions and keep it in a safe place.

Throughout my life, I always wanted to have enough money to support myself and my family. I am getting a better grasp on reality and how to control money effectively. I learned how I can eliminate debt and build long-term savings. An income, savings, and long-term savings may result in wealth. On the other hand, I won’t have as much money if I borrow, spend, and have too much debt. I now understand what inflation is and how it leads to an increase in prices as money decreases in value. For example, a chocolate bar that I may want to buy cost $1 a year ago, but now it costs $1.50. In addition to learning about money, I also learned an important life lesson: success is achieved through failures. Life is filled with disappointment, failures, and other obstacles that all contribute to success. In order to succeed, I will make realistic goals that are capable of being reached, but also use creativity to help me achieve my goals in interesting and innovating ways.

In the future, I will utilize these lessons that I have learned to decide on how to handle money and how to accomplish my goals. I will incorporate them into my daily life and remind myself to save, then spend. I will start to plan in high school, like what college I want to attend and how much it may cost as well as other additional things that go along with attending college. When I go to college, I will use the tips, such as whether or not buying a car is worth it or if buying the biggest meal is the best way to go. Even though at the time it may seem like it is the best choice that offers so many more benefits than the others, I will make sure to think ahead and save money on unnecessary things. When I grow up to become an adult, I will create a plan for managing my money in addition to a back-up plan for anything that may occur unexpectedly, such as a health issue or a problem regarding my car. Without a plan, I would be careless and let my financial problems take over my life. By using a plan, I would see how I handle money and how I manage my life. Also, to improve my credit score, I would have to pay my bills on time and manage what I borrow responsibly. A credit score will determine whether or not my life will take a rough and uncontrollable ride with surprises at every corner, or a smooth ride with hardly any bumps in the road. I will use what I have learned about money to fulfill my goals and to get me a head start in the game of life. Money is the key to life, and without knowing where to turn that key, I will not be able to unlock the doors and create my own path to success.