Carla L. – Lakewood High School

The Future is Now

They say money is the root of all evil. Granted, money can be destructive, and thus, it is extremely important to know how to handle it. Think.Tank.Challenge came into my life at a point where it dawned on me just how fast the future was approaching, and I started to critically think about how life after high school works.

I have always had a tendency to save-memorabilia, money, and etcetera. It is not surprising that I would want to save my money, but what is surprising is the details that are needed to save, especially smartly. The best time to start is now. At my age and situation, it is useful to get into habits preparing me for when I am out conquering the world. The core of money and the “adult world” is credit score-it reflects responsibility, and early saving habits will facilitate bearing a healthy credit score. This will be useful in potential future endeavors I might be interested in, such as business, but of course is essential in life regardless. Life, after all, is unexpected, so it gives safety and opportunity. It is so easy to be caught up in a hard, tricky situation. We need to do what is in our power to be as prepared as we can be. A powerful quote that really reached me influences this attitude, “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

As someone who likes organization, managing the funds I need will keep me on top of them and in control. I find myself often pondering about the different funds I will need, and I was influenced at the workshop regarding an emergency fund and retirement plan. It all ties into ensuring degrees of security cushion, and how you go about these things is critical. I now know the importance of establishing the best plans, such as my 401K, and putting my money in where I will get the best deal. With this sense and knowledge of techniques such as the wealth formula, rule of 72, and the dime method, I have a basis for tools I can turn to regarding money.

Thinking about the future can be scary, but I am motivated to create a successful, happy life where I can support myself and eventually, my family. I am determined to gain as many scholarships as I can, and I am learning more about financial aid and programs offered by universities I am interested in. I am becoming money-mindful with my goals, as everything effects what is in store for me. I very much want to avoid the dangerous situations I can find myself in with money, so I need to work hard to prevent falling into situations such as debt. As a young adult, I am at a point where everything is rising in my mind, as well as experiencing clarity on how my ordeals and money go hand in hand.

If I ever become wealthy, I would like to use extra money for the good of the heart and support charities with the greater quantities I will be able to provide. With all these stresses about the future, it is important to remember morality and the free-spirits of life. It is with this that I think of innocent children and turn my mind to what I can create for all of my family following me: a legacy. We all want to leave a mark on the world, and a way we can do that is with a strong legacy for ourselves and our family. Bright decisions and management must be made to get not just yourself through life, but your family too. My children might be interested in going to college and will be experiencing what I am handling now. The world is changing every day, and I will need to protect my legacy. The knowledge from Think.Tank.Challenge has influenced me in becoming completely empowered in taking on and establishing a future to be proud of, as well as paving the way for my family generations.