Essays that were part of the 2016 Think Tank Challenge. We would like to thank all the students who participated and everyone who took the time to vote for their favorite essays.

Chimdindu – Long Beach Polytechnic High School

May 10, 2016

In today’s world, humanity experiences immense hardship amongst disharmony in task completion and goal-setting, obtaining security, and financial instability. However, the world seems to have improved on combating secured as the Great United Nations are working together to combat terrorism as well as corruption that has eaten deep into the hearts of many nations of the world. […]

Hesper – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

From a huge dilemma such as saving our planet from pollution or a little act of kindness like sharing your last bit of food with a friend, it seems as though we all have something we want to save… […]

John – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

At least once a week my parents remind me how much things cost. “Don’t waste those paper towels, it gets expensive, use less!” they say. And also, “You didn’t wash a full load of laundry, what a waste of water and detergent! […]

Mariah – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

Some people might say that teenagers are the most careless with their money. This might be true for some teens but it sure doesn’t apply to me. Many teen just want to spend money on nonessential items like expensive iPhones, laptops, clothing, etc… […]

Michelle – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

As a young adult in this generation, it has become difficult to save money. We have been exposed to a society where having the most popular product or item is everything. We are influenced by our peers, celebrities, and big companies that in order to “fit in”, we must buy certain things… […]

Tammy – Lakewood High School

May 9, 2016

They say money can’t buy happiness, but as much as we want to believe it is almost nearly impossible for everyone to be happy without money since it is everywhere and everything. Money is a […]

Sienna – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

In order to have a successful future, it is crucial to manage our money wisely. It’s best to start saving our money as young adults so it’s easier to start securing our life financially for our retirement… […]

Stefan – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

One of life’s equations: financial literacy in conjunction with planning ahead equals a less stressful life, should be integrated in all our financial decisions. The ability to manage finances is crucial in making the transition from adolescence to adulthood… […]

Amber – Lakewood High School

May 9, 2016

The Importance of Saving Many young adults have not considered how to become successful and strategic savers.  In order to become successful at maintaining good financial security and learn to use money wisely young adults […]

Brianna – Schurr High School

May 9, 2016

As young adults we can use a percentage system in our everyday lives to help us become better savers and help us secure the future of our retirement. Saving money now can help us in the future with everything we need to live a comfortable life… […]

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