Cathy L. – Carson High School


As a child, I though going to college or a university was not an option due to my parent’s legal and financial status. I always thought going to college would be a waste of money and time. Why pay thousands of dollars for a diploma? I asked myself at times. Besides all of that, I still aimed for excellent grades to please my parents. Not till I started middle school I seen how I could accomplish more if I go to college. I started to do my research on universities and colleges I would want to go to, making mental lists of the universities I favored. It came to my realization that I had to pay to go to these schools. Thousands for the fall semesters and another thousands for spring. By then, I was in high school where I learned about grants, scholarships, and loans. Sadly, there wasn’t many scholarships offered to a high school sophomore. The NuVision’s Think.Tank.Challenge was an exception. When I went to the Think.Tank.Challenge workshops I understand more about saving money while being in high school. I learned how even saving a dollar a day or even a week can help me. I learned that there are apps in where it can help me save and calculate how much money I have currently. On their website I learned about tips that can help me save money. What this challenge impacted on me that will affect me later in life is the information I learned how to improve my life financially. With the tips I learned, I know I’ll remember them when I’m spending money on “want” items. These tips will help me have enough or possibly more money to apply and attend my desired University of choice. In the end, I’m thankful for the opportunity to achieve and accomplish one of my financial goals.