Charity B. – McBride High School

Turning Dreams into Reality

The vision of controlling my own destiny has constantly disguised itself as being improbable. Although, in due time, I was able to discover the vast opportunities that shrouded all around me. The Think Tank Challenge has not only provided me with the fortuity of succeeding in life, but also succeeding in growth.

It is known that money is an object expected to grant the wants and needs of individualsĀ­ in this case, my wants and needs seem to be intermingled. I hold both a want and need to accomplish extraordinary things in life and I will be able to do so, given this privilege.

Financial struggle and seemingly unattainable dreams had filled my being. It constantly seemed difficult to buy necessities such as new binders, notebooks, and paper. I always wondered, how was I supposed to be the greatest I could be without the materials that I so desperately need? My future-plans for working within the medical field seemed to be something out of reach. However, once I found out about scholarships and how many opportunities were laying around, I had a grasp of hope. Being able to pay for college seemed pretty overwhelming, but I became certain that if I tried hard enough and never chose to give up, I would eventually overcome the difficulties. This challenge has inspired me to plan-out all my possible college expenses and to keep in mind that money may not come easy. Being cautious with my money by creating a college savings account will lead to numerous benefits in the long-run, including opening the door to countless career opportunities.

My goal as not only a student, but as a person, is simply to thrive and prosper in all aspects of life. I wish to maintain a superb GPA, to score high on my SAT, to earn my High School Diploma, to attend college, to graduate, to attend Medical School, and so much more. I hold countless hopes and dreams in which I know I have complete control of… with a little help, of course. I plan to create an action plan that will help guide me for my future plans, and to accept and acknowledge all opportunities that come my way. I am also determined to do better in regards to keeping track of all my important documents and work, with the goal of becoming more organized and to be able to manage my time more effectively. Thanks to the opportunity given by the Think Tank Challenge, I am motivated and influenced to shape my learning in a way that will allow me to reach new heights.