Courtney K. – Lakewood High School

Many issues and events that are happening in the entire world will influence the choices I make with money and my goals in high school and beyond. The ‘Think. Tank. Challenge” lessons from NuVision will have a huge impact on my choices. An average American daily wage is $100 and the average annual income is $10,000. Having saved $10,000 a year may sound awesome, but that is only if you actually save that money. The choices I make with money and goals depend on how I save and spend the money I have.

I am fifteen and I did not know a lot about money until NuVision came to my school and introduced this challenge. Credit scores influence interests and rates, I have to be responsible with my money. Having a credit score of 700 or more is good. This information will influence my choices with money while I am in college so I can keep track of how I am managing my money. I know that it is important to set aside some money for emergencies because my parents aren’t always going to be there to help me. When I start saving money, I know that it will help me in the future, especially if I want to buy a house, a car or even to support my family.

This summer I am working as a lifeguard and when I receive my paycheck I will save the money to help with college expenses after I graduate high school. Even when I start saving money now, I could have windfalls in the future especially when it comes to living on my own. The tricks of mastering money will help from these tips: “Rule of 72,” “Wealth formula,” and the “DIME Method.” I am going to start saving money now because I see how important it is and I know my future will be a good one if I make my goal to save money every day, even if it is a penny.