Courtney S. – Cabrillo High School

Think Tank Challenge

 Do you believe that adolescents should be paid to work? Much controversy surround the consequences of young adults with money. Should kids work? In fact, employment teaches discipline which proves that children should be able to handle money. The main thing teens require is guidance. How to smartly manage a budget.

The lesson on the think tank challenge discusses the importance of smart shopping. As a student I am on a tight budget and being humble just makes life easier. While growing up in poverty I always taught that penny pinching can go a long way. Due to the think tank challenge I have come to understand quite a few thing, which I feel many of my peers should also understand as we become young adults. It is very simple to make bad financial investments if you are unaware that you’re doing it.

Through my analysis of the think tank website, I know the true meaning of PATIENCE. I do not always need to jump on ‘name brand’ every time I go shopping because if I am patient it will have outstanding results. Receiving hand me downs, for instance, is a shameless act that certainly well make you better off in the long run. Consider this, would you spend 70$ on a jacket you can get FREE from someone who does not want it anymore? Put your own style to it and make it into something vintage plus, I appreciate clothing with a history and story to them.

I will end with this point to remember, be grateful for what you are able to receive. Be patient for what you may not have a chance to get just yet. So again I ask, should children be given the chance to manage their own money? Yes, just as long as that child is guided to make the right financial choices. The influential lesson I took from the think tank challenge is that I do not always need the newest and the latest.