Danny C. – Lakewood High School

Saving for a Better Life

When students dream big about their college future, they tend to not think about the financial factors that many schools has, which could destroy their vision for college. I am currently a junior and my time at high school is near its end, as there are only three semesters left until I graduate. I have heard a lot about what is needed to be accepted into colleges such as: good grades, high test scores, and personal activities, but there is one important factor that seems to be overlooked constantly. How will you pay for college once when you get accepted? During our time at school, we only learn about topics that will make us “book smart”, but when it comes to the knowledge of how to survive the real world out of high school, our students usually have no idea what to do. Students need to be informed on how to save money and be financially stable, before the time comes and they are on their own without guidance. This is extremely crucial knowledge for young adults, since they will have to deal with paying for college tuition, food, housing and the other necessities of life.

Furthermore, students needs to understand how to become better savers so they can live their lives without the unnecessary stress of crippling debt. I have some idea of how to save money since I actually have a job within my own school’s cafeteria, where I work throughout the day earning minimum wage. I was quickly pushed into the world of finances since I opened a bank account in my freshmen year. With my new abundance of money and the fact that my generation tends to spend large amounts on what is trending made it a bit difficult to stray away

from the crowd and think about what is actually important. I started to think about different methods and habits to save money. Like viewing my checking account often before spending any kind of money to determine whether or not it is worth its price. Checking your bank account constantly can prevent you from spending more than what you actually have, avoiding possible fees that could occur due to overdrawing. This is one useful habit that you can implement into your life, since your credit score determines if you can receive loans.

Your credit score is an essential aspect, since it shows responsible you are to obtain loan. When time comes, everyone will ultimately take out a student loan or have a personal credit which will help establish a good credit score. To receive a good credit score you must be able to pay off your debt monthly and manage the usage of your multiple credit cards. With the idea of the importance of your credit score, since it will be helpful in the future when you apply for loans to purchases houses or to receive loans in general, young adults will think to save more.

I am a student, who had to venture out of the school’s education standards, to gain knowledge about the important topic of saving, while are thousands of other young adults who have no idea what to do about their finances. Learning about this Nuvision essay challenge had caused me to realize how much time I have left to actually be prepared for the harsh reality of the world outside of high school and to better understand the importance on saving money, since money is the foundation of almost everything for a healthy and peaceful life.