Dayanah T. – Carson High School

Life lessons are the most important and that is what the Think.Tank.Challenge provides the youth with. In school we are not taught how to make or save. NuVision has taught me the importance of savings and investing my money. When you do this you get the chance to see your money. Next school year I will be in college and there I will have to know how to stretch my money, so that I can survive. Acquiring the tools to save money can be difficult, especially for those who are young. The younger you begin to practice to be smart with your money, the better you will be when you get older. A small amount of money can seem like a lot if you spend it right and a lot of money can be gone so fast if you don’t spend it right.

Building a terrible spending habit is easy, but hard to break, especially when you have no knowledge on how to spend strategically. At the NuVision work shop I learned about ways to make my money multiply. When you have a dollar you have to think of ways to make that dollar become multiple dollars. Maybe you can buy ten lollipops for .10 cents each and sell them for 25 cent each and once you make a profit you can invest again until you get the amount that you want. If you know how to invest your money you will find that, that one skill will eliminate a great amount of your financial worries. The things I have learned from the Think.Tank.Challenge have stuck with me and will constantly be used as I enter adulthood and so on.