Delleneiry A. – Gilbert High School


Much of my generation is expected to live into their nineties, which means making poor financial decisions will impact my life for much longer than previous generations. I live by the quote, “Save money and money will save you.” If you don’t have the skills to save money you’ll end up on the streets, poor, or living in your parent’s basement.

Avoiding overdrawing on my checking account can benefit me in so many ways, especially because I don’t have a lot of money to throw away. It’s a great thing to avoid this due to what I previously talked about. The fees are $30 or more for each overdraft. I would rather spend those $30 on something else. Also, I can download my bank’s app to keep up with my money so I know how much to spend and how much to save. My bank’s app also allows me to link my checking account with my savings account. That means if I have money in my savings and not in my checking the bank transfers money from my savings to pay for my purchase, so I won’t have to pay any additional fees.

Establishing credit is a great idea, because I want to attend college. I am looking into applying for college loans. The bank will most likely lend me the money because I will be seen as being a trustworthy person. I can always say no to establishing my credit, but I don’t want to be that one friend who is still riding the bus or living with my parents because my credit doesn’t qualify me to buy a house or a car.

Setting up automatic transfers to my savings will save me trips to the bank every time I feel like transferring money to my saving account. It can benefit me in saving money as well because I know how much I spend so I can just transfer my extra money to my saving account. It’s basically money set aside in case of an emergency.

Those are the three main tips I am going to follow due to my generation being expected to live into our nineties. If I am going to live that long, I should start saving and establishing my credit now so I can have a healthy financial history with enough money to reduce the possibility of being poor or having to rely on my parents. With good credit I can buy myself my house, a car or take out loans. Saving money is my main goal. You never know what can happen, so I’d rather start now than be sorry later.