Desirae K. – Schurr High School

The Ladder to Wealth

As a teenager,  the  first  thing I want  to  do  is spend  money.   For  as  long  as I could  remember,  as soon  as  I get   money, I spend  it.  As a freshman,  I don’t have a job so I only receive money during birthday (November) and Christmas time. Receiving  a  couple  hundred  at  that  time, I know  it  will  be  gone  before the End of the year. My mother has always told me to save my money because when I get a job and actually work for my money, I do n1 t want to spend the money I earn. Of course, I don’t  really  listen  to  the  advice  and I spend  it  away. This  past  month,  I1ve  been  to  two  meetings  about  saving  money and what would  happen if I save over  time.

The NuVision Credit Union opened my eyes to what I can do with saving money.   Our school  ambassador,  Mike Quevedo,  shared a little  information about  how  he  grew  up and  that  was  the  first  thing that  I could relate  to; growing  up in a single  income  household.   My family isn’t poor and my siblings and I get pretty much everything we want, but extra things, such as college, we can1 t afford. The information I got throughout the past few weeks has influenced me to start saving now.   High school is a very expensive 4 years of   my life and saving money every time I receive it is a good way to start.  Not only is high school an issue, but college costs a huge amount of money I know I can1 t afford.  Saving the little money I receive is part of the way to pay my way through college, but scholarships and financial aid are the biggest part of paying for college.

Towards my future as an adult, the information I got influenced me to start saving so I can retire. Right now, 65% of adults aged 65 and older can’t afford to retire. I don’t want to be part of the 65%. A huge part of money and saving is your credit score. The higher the number is, the better your credit score will be.  There is also a formula to remember.  It goes as follows; Money plus time minus and/or plus rate, minus inflation and taxes. That’s the way to wealth. Money is a big deal as an adult. Without money, you really can1 t survive. The first step to earning money is saving money. Spending $100 on shoes shouldn’t be someone’s first priority. Just because it doesn’t have the brands name such as Vans, Converse, or have the Nike check mark doesn’t mean anything.   If  shoes, clothes, and makeup are such a huge deal, you will never have the opportunity to know what it’s like to always have money saved and knowing it’s there in a bank safe just in case of emergencies. So, when you receive your next paycheck, allowance or birthday money, think about your future. What is more important; the shoes that will go out of style in less than a  month  or having  money so you can  pay off  your debt that you  might  have  been struggling to  pay?