Emilio D. – Gilbert High School


Are you impulsive in your spending? Do you like to spend money just for the sake of spending? Do you even know how to save at least a dollar? If so the purpose of this essay will show you a few easy steps on how to save money and spend responsibly.

Don’t make any impulsive choices. Money burns a hole in our pocket and the feeling of wanting something just to have it adds to that fire. Don’t make any rash decision making with your money. If you see something that you want stop and think if you really want it and know that you aren’t just throwing money out the window. Will you use this item more than once? Or will it be part of some pile of trash in the corner of your room ready to come alive and eat you? Also don’t spend money just for the sake of spending money. Don’t just spend just so you can have something and then later on regret feeling like you wasted money on it. Fight your impulses if you know you can resist the temptation to spend do it. And if you are going to spend make sure it’s something really cheap but you’ll use more than once or has some sort of value to you.

Another really easy way to save money, which all young adults with first time jobs should really follow, limit the number of times you go out to eat. Fast-food is delicious no doubt about it when you have money than it’s even better to get a large burger meal at some burger joint, but as good as it is fast-food is pretty pricy. When I got my first 3 paychecks I would waste it all on burgers my checks would be gone faster than I could get them. I had to start limiting the times I would go out to eat just so I can have a few extra bucks in my pocket. Buy groceries that are cheaper and can last you for a week or two. Eat leftovers so you won’t have to buy more food and if you’re going to work take some leftovers so you won’t have to buy lunch. Also always keep little snacks around you if you get hungry. Keep them in your car and in your pocket so there’s always something to eat on you. And if you do go out to eat get something off the dollar menu of just get the burger instead of the combo. Go out to eat at least twice a month if you want to. Don’t replace mom’s cooking with McDonald’s.

Follow these very easy steps to help you be more responsible with your money.

Remember don’t spend on impulse it’s just as easy to lose money than it is to get it. Also limit the number of time you go out to eat don’t waste half of your paycheck on Big Mac’s. Follow these steps and rest assured you’ll save a couple bucks.