Erin – Lakewood High School

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Money is a difficult topic for most young people. All anyone wants to do is spend their money and we don’t realize how much saving can truly benefit us. My views on money have always been relatively the same. I believe in saving for what you may need or want the most. Few people realize and have this view but the change would be truly amazing if people just tried to see a new perspective and see the difference it would make.

Money isn’t something most people can just throw around. Everyone has been told that they can’t get something because it isn’t in the budget. Our money is limited because you only get paid so much and you don’t spend your life savings on the newest phone upgrade. This is where young people’s savings takes place. Personally I don’t get an allowance yet I am still expected to pay for the unnecessary things I desire, that’s why you have to save. Most people I talk to aren’t able to go to the movies because they spend their money right when they receive it. This behavior is even found in many adults who never learned to manage their money. America has tremendous amounts of debt and it starts from not learning to save at a young age.

The older you get the more responsibility you receive. This never stops so the smart thing to do is get a head start and learn the building blocks of your future now. I think parents can really affect your habits; they control your money so they need to give you learning opportunities. A good way to start this is to help pay for your insurance and gas when you drive. Learning these skills have always been something you learn young; why do you think piggy banks were made?

A lot of your money isn’t just based on how well you manage it, but how you prevent mistakes. This includes car accidents and bills you have to pay. This goes towards your credit score; the bigger picture. You need a good credit score to do the things everyone wants like buying a house. Money isn’t only something you have to spend but a form of responsibility and shows a lot about your character. It lets other people know you are trustworthy, which will be useful if you need to take out a loan. Money is in more aspects of your life then what you can see.

I don’t have a huge plan laid out for my future yet, most don’t. I am going to continue saving because no matter where life takes you having money put away is always going to benefit you. I am mainly working towards long term and midterm investments. I think these will benefit me most; it will be easier to save once I have a job but I’m learning the mannerisms now. However I’m not going to prevent myself from buying something I really want, I’m still young and I want to enjoy life. We save to not stress as much about the future, but it also helps us to be able to treat ourselves without breaking the budget.