Fernanda H. – Gilbert High School

Think. Money. Save. Money

Many times in the past I’ve had money, but I never spent it in the right places or on the right things. As Napoleon Hill once said, “Money without brains is always dangerous.” So as I got older I started to realize that money is needed for many things in life, and it’s very important to save for a lot of expenses that will come in the future. I live by that quote because I was once a person who had money but had no brains when it came down to spending it. It caused me to “stay broke” a few times. Nevertheless, here are a few ways you can save money by having brains!

One way I’ll save money is by taking advantage of places with student discounts instead of paying the full price. For example, if I go to the movie theatres, I’ll take my school I.D and when purchasing my ticket I’ll show whoever is helping me out my I.D. and by doing so I’ll get a student discount and save a few dollars. Saving a few dollars can help me spend less than intended because I can buy a little snack instead of paying the full price for the ticket and the snacks. If I have the chance to get any student discounts I will use it to its advantage and start saving little by little.

Another way I will look into saving money is by looking into school events that can help me save money or programs they have at school. For example, some schools have programs like financial aid and that can benefit anyone who can’t afford or need to be saving money into getting a scholarship, loan, or any grant. That is a step I have taken and will continue to use to better myself in my financial issues. Also some schools have ways to help students get medical attention if they don’t have insurance or can get referred to a place that is cheaper than most places so you won’t have to pay as much. Some schools have programs that can help you set up a fafsa account so when you get into a college you can already have something to help you out with your expenses and not have to stress about all those expenses. A few clicks and you’re already one step ahead saving money.

A third way I can save money is by using coupons when I go grocery shopping and looking at specials stores will have on certain things I get when I normally go grocery shopping or things I need at the time. Using coupons can help save tons of money every month or every time you need something from the store and can get you better deals so you can even buy extra to save even more money for the next month. For example some coupons will have a deal of 3 items for only a dollar! Others will even have deals with 7 items for a dollar, now that’s something to take advantage of. I’ll also never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because I’ll get tempted to buy food or things I don’t need and it will only last me for the moment instead of for the whole month or longer.

Take advantage of deals, student discounts, and more to save your money. These were just some of the ways I will try doing to get started on saving my money. I challenge you to give it a try. Use student discounts, sign up for programs, and use coupons, if those don’t work for you there are always other ways you can save money. Pay your bills on time and you’ll thank yourself in the future. Act your wage, and have fun with your money the right way!