Gladys R. S. – McBride High School

My Road to Preparing For the Worst

As an American Red Cross volunteer we focus on the importance of being prepared for whatever situation that lies ahead. Natural disasters are uncontrollable and can easily tear down everything you have built. Being in the Red Cross I constantly hear about how families have to be put in shelters after having lost their homes due to fires or a flood. In California, the rate of wild and home fires is very high and I know for a fact that I do not want to be one of those unlucky individuals that have to live in a shelter because I wasn’t prepared for them. However, there is a way to beat them. Saving. A tip I learned at the NuVision’s Financial Workshop is that one must set a separate savings account for an emergency plan. By cutting back on expenses on things we don’t need and finding ways to save as much as we can this emergency fund can get as big as six months’ worth of living expenses. If I stay in California to study I will continue living with my parents which can allow us to save on money. I want to make sure that we have enough money in the fund so that we have the security of keeping our home in case of a fire. This is important to me because I don’t want all the hard work that my parents put into giving us a good home go to waste. My parents have little money as it is and I don’t want them struggling to get the money we would need to buy another place to live when they could just have taken the money from the emergency fund without worry. Not only that but I wouldn’t want to have the burden of ending up without a home meanwhile I’m studying in college. That will only produce more stress on me and cause me to shift my focus from my future.

If the American Red Cross taught me anything is that one must be prepared for anything not matter what the circumstance. I want to apply this principle to my money as well. I want to be a physician and that will take a lot of schooling which means a lot of money being used. I don’t want to end up being that doctor that lives in a disagreeable place because I got so drowned in debt from college and medical school expenses. That is why I plan to get a job while I am studying at any university I end up going to so that I can begin saving for what lies ahead for me. To save money I decided that if I stay in California I will live with my parents. This way I will save myself from paying for food at my university’s cafeteria, from paying more money living in a dorm, and from buying flight tickets to fly back home on the times we get breaks during the year. I am planning on starting a savings account so that once I start working I can start saving up that money for medical school when I receive my first job.

When our school ambassador, Mike, shared his story about how he was not wise to save    his money when he was younger, it made me reflect upon how I should stop spending the little money my parents give me on things I don’t need. I have bad acne that was passed down to me through genetics which doesn’t make me the happiest girl in the world but I cope. I have wasted money on different types of acne products that ended up not working on me and to try to hide my imperfections I decided to start looking into makeup. After I started buying little things like foundation or blush I began getting more interested in it. I started watching YouTube videos and pictures on Pinterest on makeup that kept influencing me to buy more products I didn’t need.

There are two things I did wrong. One. Not saving money to be able to go to a deontologist and buy the products they recommend. Two. Spend money on things that worsened my condition. I realized that if I really wanted to have healthy clean skin I needed to cut down on my usage of makeup so that I completely stop using it. This will lead me to start saving money on the makeup products I don’t buy and will even help my face look better than ever. It’s something that I needed to get over because in the future I don’t want to end up picking into my savings just to

buy things I don’t need. If it wasn’t for the tips that I heard from this presentation I don’t know if 1 would have started looking into saving and managing my money. My parents were never taught about finances by their parents so I want to teach them what I learned at NuVision’s Financial Workshop so that they begin applying it to their lives as well. I want them to learn how to be prepared for whatever life circumstance comes up by saving money aside and being smart with their money so that they don’t buy things they don’t need.

After all, you never know what life will bring to your door the next day so you always need to be prepared for the worst.