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My Future
From a huge dilemma such as saving our planet from pollution or a little act of kindness like sharing your last bit of food with a friend, it seems as though we all have something we want to save.

As a middle-classed individual, I still find myself to always be trying to save enough money to support my family and I, incase anything happens. Of course the growl of my stomach after school tends to get me buying something to eat, but nonetheless I really try to sa.ve.up and secure the future of my parent’s retirement and mine.

Growing up I have been taught that one of the most successful ways to “save money” is to earn it by having a good education and going to a university or college. By doing this I not only learn how to save up money to pay back my student debt, but to also work hard in whatever I major in so I can have an amazing, well-paid job and retire earlier to spend time with my family. There has been a lot of work and extracurricular so far, but I know that in the long run, it’ll all be worth it.

However in my generation, it seems as though many young adults are set on quitting high school or living by the motto “C’s get degrees”. Maybe they’ll they go off finding an adequate job which at first may support their life, but as they become more needy, they try and find multiple jobs and work shift after shift just to live an “okay life”. They could have gotten multiple degrees or masters, working their way up to better things, but if we don’t earn more than enough money needed, what is there left to save if it is all used up?

Getting an education is a for sure way to earn money and learn to save it up for what’s really important, but it’s never the only way. Even if someone does have an “okay if”, with discipline they can still have a place to store emergency money, like a piggy bank. Just dropping in a couple dollar bills every week or so can really help people save up for the future. For example, let’s say I put in $5 every week for one year, I will have had $260 and as the years go by, if l continue doing so I can have $1300 by the end of five years.

In my next five years I will have probably already be in my second year of university/college and before I am shoulders-deep in debt, I have already started planning on securing my stress free and debt free retirement by writing this essay. It all began since the first day of high school and by expanding my knowledge, I have been lucky enough to be able to sign up for financial aid and scholarship programs. Of course it wasn’t just luck that has got me here, I have been working so hard lately to help my parents and even if I may not be accepted into some programs, I will not stop there because there is always a chance and if I don’t take it then I’ll just be filled with regret.

Besides education, it is really difficult for me to think of other major ways to become a better saver, but I’m glad that I know of that way because although I am labeled as middle class right now, I aim to make my family and myself proud by giving us a better life.

We all have a dilemma to face as we go through our paths of saving something and mine just happens to be saving money and securing the future of my retirement. There are many ways to do so, but ever since I was young I have been taught to work hard and get a good education so to this day, that is what I plan to do.

(Thank you for taking your time to read my essay.)