Jaimie C. – Bell Gardens High School

How Young Adults Can Save Money

As young adults, people are tempted to spend their money on trendy items and/or items for school. Young adults are at the age where they are able to buy what they want and what they need. However, saving is a struggle among these ages.  Saving is something beneficial for not only young adults but for everyone.

One way to remain debt-free is to find a part-time job as you go to school, or a full-time job if school is not part of your schedule, and save a portion of the money that is earned. For example, if one receives a paycheck of $200, $40 can be put aside into a saving account. The money will be beneficial in the future when a student will need to pay for their school books, food, special events, insurance, and rent or just be saved for any case of emergency. However, this method may not work for those young adults that are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Nevertheless, there are others way to stay debt-free as a young adult. Another way is to apply for scholarships that don’t require to be paid back. Scholarships are a fast and easy way to receive money for school. Almost everyone qualifies to receive them. There are different scholarships that offer different amounts of money. There are awards from $50 to $10,000. It is always important to be informed about the rules of the scholarships, the deadlines, and what you need to do in order to qualify. Asking a college counselor, high school counselor and in some cases, some friends always helps the flow of information. Big companies such as Coca-Cola, and even local business offer money for young incoming college students.

There are also very simple ways to save some money that will also be beneficial in the long run. One way is to take the bus or train instead of a car. Gas prices are slowing rising and young adults don’t always have the means to pay for gas. Spending a few dollars for a bus or train ride to school, work or any destination, instead of $60 or more in a week for gas, will help anyone save some cash. There is no shame in taking other methods of transportation.


Being a young adult attempting to live a debt-free life can be very difficult and frustrating for many at this day and age because there a certain activities or even materialistic things that young adults are waiting to enjoy and spend their money on. However, no one would like to be in their 30s and still have debt because of mistakes that were make when they were younger adults. Although, it may not seem important now, staying debt-free is very important for any ones future and there are many ways to achieve their or at the least own the smallest amount.