Janelle C. – Carson High School

Nuvision Scholarship – “Saving the Journey”

How has money made a difference in your life? Would you consider it being something that creates an educational drive within an individual? When it comes to being better savers at a young age, I believe it can benefit an adolescent greatly. Being a senior in high school, I have realized plenty about money and how important it is to save it. The transition moving from high school to college has not been the smoothest road so far, that is why I believe there is plenty a young adult is capable of in order to remain debt-free now and in the future.

One method of saving is to track your spending. We do get receipts in return for a reason. Whether it is to keep for your memory or to know how much you spent that day, a receipt can be a helpful resource to keep track of how much you spend weekly, monthly, or maybe even yearly. Keeping a spreadsheet online of your financial expenses can do plenty and help us realize if we are spending too much or not.

Another way of remaining debt-free is to simply avoid the temptation of spending too much. By this, we may have the time to shop for leisure and, sometimes, there is the temptation to spend too much on ourselves. I don’t think it’s wrong to spoil yourself with materialistic things we enjoy, but we should know when we have crossed the line and when it is right to stop ourselves on what to spend our money. There may be that new jacket that you’ve been keeping your eyes on for a while, but really reflect, is it really worth it in the long run? It’s not wrong if you do decide to buy that designer jacket, but I believe that learning to control our temptations can help greatly when it comes to saving.

Lastly, 1 believe it is important to set your own goals and priorities when it comes to spending. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to do anything they set their mind to. Whether our goals are big or small, money can play a huge role in what we plan to do for our future. There is the method that setting your own goals can lay out your potential plans and, eventua lly, determine what is most important for you to spend on. In similarity with the method of controlling your own spending temptations, setting goals for your future can benefit you and help you remain debt-free lifestyle.

Although it can be difficult to save, it isn’t impossible. Tracking your spending, avoiding temptations, and setting goals are just a few of many methods that can help in saving money for the better. When it comes to thinking about what you want to do in the future, financial issues can arrive just around the comer, especially if you’re transitioning to a time of your life that requires some assistance. In one way or another, we have our own path that is designed just for you, created by your own choices. It is all up to you in how you decide to save your money for your bright and hopeful future.