Janise D. – Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Catch Me Making Bank in Five Years, How Bout THAT?

WE are dreamers. Believers. Innovators. More importantly, WE are the future of this immensely productive world. We are constantly introduced to new, brainwashing technology and programs daily. This world continues to live life without any limits-with impulsive buying and irrational judgment. However, this should not entail the upcoming generations to follow previous footsteps and live boundless. The truth is, we are all living in uncertainty. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and this should be a wake-up call to us all. Instead of smelling the coffee that is costing us $20 dollars a week, we should smell reality and learn to utilize our money for the better.

Admittingly, I am a coffee addict. I used to buy Starbucks 3 to 4 times a week and I did not even really want it! Instead of buying Starbucks just for the stars, I should be putting my money into a savings account. Instead of giving into financial peer pressure, I should learn to stay true to my budget. Personally, budgeting has always been an issue, whether I am out shopping for new clothes or hanging out with friends. Nowadays, it is so easy for young adults-including myself-to justify their wants and overlook their needs. Young adults should understand that the longer they wait to save money, the more money they’11 have to put aside in the long run. There are many people in this world suffering from major debt and this is because too many people are uneducated about the consequences of not being money wise. The saddest part is that all these problems could have been prevented. We have control over our personal savings, our mind and our decisions.

The NuVision Workshop has encouraged me to only think about the future. When I get my first job after high school, I do not plan to use my first paycheck on something overpriced. I plan to live within my own means by putting that paycheck into a savings account. During my college life, I want to stay ahead of the student debt by taking advantage of free activities within college, recording my money use and by only buying necessary items. My overall goal in life is to avoid a bad credit score and to be prepared for the unexpected. I always imagined myself as a successful accountant and I believed attending the NuVision Workshop would be the perfect opportunity to gain not only some extra cash but, some insight on the dilemma of money. I walked into the meeting unaware of the consequences of unwise spending. Nonetheless, I walked out of the meeting motivated and determined to change my life around. I can proudly say that I can and will skip the Starbucks for a while.