Jannely N. – Carson High School

There are many young adults who dream big such as having the best car, the best house, travel the world etc. Don’t get me wrong these are all wonderful things, but we must take one thing at a time. We must start young and find out first what we want to do with our lives to ensure the fact that someday we will do/have all those things someday in the future. Young adults need to set goals about their life they wish to have, but yet be smart with the money they have even if it’s big or small amounts.

I was lucky enough to learn many tips from Attila Morgan and our guest speaker Thomas R. Williams who used to play for the NFL. As before going to the workshop I did not fully understand how people saved their money when there is so much temptation to be spending money. Yet I was one of those people who also dreamed big about having an extraordinary future, but I never thought about the sacrifice, time, and hard work that one must put into for those dreams to someday come true.

Many people tend to live pay check to pay check while having a huge family to take care of as they find themselves with too much debt. This is what young adults need to look out for as instead we need to be smart of our choices. We need to purchase only necessary things that are important: water, food, shelter and hygiene products. Everything else that is materialistic we need to be smart about buying. When we buy something, we need to make sure we pay our bills on time so that way we build up out credit score and get it to 750-800. Our credit score will help us when we need to buy big things such as a house. This tells the bank that we are trustworthy people and that they can trust us with lending us some money. Another thing that I learned was the wealthy formula which was whatever income you earn you have to save it and make sure you save it and not go back to waste it. When saving you should keep separate money for an incase of an emergency that can last 3-6 months of the necessary things that you need in order to live as life does happen.
As we all know that there is temptation everywhere to spend money such as Starbucks, we might not notice, but some young adults definitely spend many money in Starbucks. Instead we can make drinks ourselves such as coffee. Do we really need the extra sugar or the Starbucks logo in our cup just to feel cool or can we be smart and learn how to make smart changes in our lives to ensure a better life that will make us better savers? Do we also really need to dress all trendy while in other parts of the world people just wish to have clothes to be kept warm in? As something I also learned by our guest speaker Thomas R. Williams was that despite the fact if you find yourself super wealthy and you feel like you can buy anything in the world, you should still be smart with how you handle your money as you can still become broke since you start wanting bigger things as he spoke from experience since he went broke twice.

Overall remember to recognize your goals, strategize a plan to achieve them and take action to execute the plan as we must remain focused with what we want in the future. But remember to save money as even small things can make a huge difference in our world.