Jasmine L. – McBride High School

Money: A Setback or a Stepping Stone?

Innumerable societies worldwide have access to money, but a myriad of the general public are careless about how they spend their income. The proper planning and use of money can help achieve lifelong goals. My future goals are to attend a university and complete the higher education required to become a doctor. By spending my money wisely, keeping track of my expenses, and giving my money a plan, I believe that I can pursue my ambitions of being a medical professional and supporting myself financially as an adult.

It can be tough not to spend your income on the things you want. Money is a valuable tool, in not just buying the basic necessities, but in any unexpected situation. For example, when I sprained my wrist during soccer practice, I had to get x-rays and a wrist brace. If my mom did not have that extra money to pay for the medical expenses, she would have had to pay for it when she received her next paycheck. Everybody’s savings accumulates, and if money was always spent on practical items, people would never face financial issues. By saving a few dollars by skipping a Grande iced latte from Starbucks every day, I could easily save money for any unexpected mishap.

A bountiful amount of people are infatuated with having the newest model of another expensive luxury to boast about, and they can’t always afford it so they charge it to their credit card. What some of those people do not know is that debt adds up due to high interest rates. Keeping a record of my expenses within a period of time can save me from digging myself in a massive financial mess. Credit scores are numbers that help lenders know what risks they are taking by loaning me money. If I have a healthy credit score, it would represent my skills on how well I save and spend money and I would, most definitely, receive a loan. People with low and unhealthy credit scores usually do not get their loan request accepted and this allows lenders to perceive how poorly they expend and invest money. Discussing credit scores brings up the question, was that new rose gold iPhone truly worth the financial debt?  At some point in a person’s life, they create a dream that they want to chase.

Making a plan for my money, rather than letting my money control me is very important.   If people didn’t create strategies for anything that they wanted, everything would be unorganized.  Money fits in that scenario perfectly. If people didn’t have a purpose for their salary, the end result would go awry, leading to financial deficit. Giving my money     a specific purpose can lay out a good framework for my future plans. Money is a    privilege that should be used meticulously, in order for goals to be completed as planned. Goals are what motivate people to complete tasks in order to pursue their dreams.

One of the most common setbacks that prevents people from persevering is money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and everything in this world has a price to pay. Education can cost a fortune, just as well as dreams. In order to affordably pay for the schooling that comes with what I want to do in my life, career wise, I would have to learn how to become a wise spender, expenses recorder, and salary planner in order to eventually be a successful student, doctor, and adult. Use money as a stepping stone to achieve your dreams, and don’t let it become a setback.