Javier R. – Savanna High School

Scholarship Essay

To begin with, the prior knowledge that I had about money was very little, but this workshop taught me how to save money, and make the money that I have grown. Of course, I can save money at my house. If I do that the money that I have saved in my house will not gain any value, but if I make a bank account and have my money at the bank the money that I have saved in the bank will grow. Since I attended this workshop it has helped me in various ways. For example, at the workshop they showed me what the Rule of72 is. The rule of 72 is the higher percentage rate equals the faster time for your money to double. They have also showed me a plethora of other things, such as taxes, impact of taxes, 40 l k, and etc…

In addition, I was appalled at the fact that while you save money they tax you, if you   spend money they tax you, and if you earn something they tax it. I did not know this. The only thing that I knew about this was if you buy something they tax the item, but I never really understood why they taxed you on the items you bought. After I went to the workshop I now   have a basic understanding on why they tax about everything. Going to this workshop really opened my eyes about how to save and spend your money. On the other hand, I went to this workshop because of a financial issue that I am dealing with at home. The problem is that my family is struggling financially right now, and we are renting one room with a family of five soon to be six. In all honesty, I went to this workshop because I wanted to know more about money,   also with the knowledge that I gained from this workshop I wanted to use it so I won’t be in the same position that I am right now, and so I could use it in my near future. Even though my family and I are struggling financially I find a way for it to not bother me. For example, I   enrolled myself in soccer, so that I could forget about what is happening at home. Another example, is that I try to stay positive no matter what happens; all though there may be times that are rough.

Alternatively, after I attended the workshop I was really excited to tell my friends and family that I could potentially win up to $5,000. Once I told my friends and family they were excited for me because this workshop is only offered in a few schools in Southern California. I myself was really excited that I grabbed this chance, and used it to my advantage. Despite the financial problems I am facing at the moment if my essay is one of the top 10 essays in our school then, this money will help me later on when I go to college. I am glad that there was a workshop at my school because I can use this oppo1tunity to help me in the long run.