Jonas O. – Schurr High School

Nuvision Essay

When I attended the Nuvision workshop, I learned about the importance of money.

Before attending this presentation, I had seen money as something that could easily disappear by carelessly spending it. Money was not an important factor to me at my young age. As I was writing notes, I began to understand that saving money, instead of spending it right away, would be very beneficial to me and to everyone that may be trying to develop a financial plan for their future.

The theme of the presentation was saving money and how to do it accurately. I learned that it is important to do so for emergencies, retirement, bills, etc. For example, if a person is trying to save money, spending half of what they would usually spend, would benefit them in the long run. I now know and understand that starting an emergency fund is important because if anything ever does happen, I have extra money to pay bills and any other expenses.

I am going to apply this knowledge to my future by saving all the money I receive for my birthdays and holidays. By creating a bank account, I can add money to it, and secure a finically stable future. Learning about saving helped me to understand how people are able to afford expensive cars and nice houses. These people have taken the time and allowed themselves to be patient as they save money for the present and the future.

What young adults can do to become better savers is to preserve their money that they accumulate from their jobs. They can also take into consideration what is truly important to purchase and not spend money unwisely. Instead, young adults can plan their finances each month to calculate spending fees, and even maintain an order for due bills. Planning month by month, will ensure a stable and secure fund for each year to come, and allow money to be preserved in order to progress.

Young adults can remain debt-free by wisely planning out their purchases on credit cards.

They can also refrain from buying unnecessary items. Keeping up with bills that have been separately saved up for, can allow a person to live debt-free. They can go about their lives not having to worry about living check-to-check. These strategies can help young adults, and people in general, to stay debt-free in the present and the future.