Jonathan G. – Savanna High School

The Financial World

Many believe that adolescents of the 21st century have little idea of what is ahead of them in life. That teenagers don’t know the realities and financial struggles that they will face. There are students like me however, that know what they are doing. Students that take advantage of helpful opportunities and resources such as these, where they are able to utilize the information, and run with it until they conquer the rigorous obstacles that our system has established for us. .The future starts now. I am a winner. I do not lose. And to see others not believing in their intelligence and self-confidence, is heartbreaking. We live in a world where you will either fail or succeed. A harsh world where you either take they key to success, or leave it behind, unaware that you had it in front of you the entire time. I am fortunate to live in a country where higher school authorities care about the future success of my life. It is because of organizations such as NuVision Federal Credit Union that students like myself learn the realities of this money-driven world. Workshops that allow parents and students to become more aware of our future. It is because of people like you, that students like us become   successful.

Before attending the workshop, I knew very little about the financial world that our parents live in. Here and there, I would hear them arguing about the bank, money, and a plethora of other things that I had no idea about. I didn’t even know what an investment was. I felt fortunate that I was only fifteen years old, still enjoying life’s free trial until the day I turned eighteen. I was afraid. I never wanted pay thousands of anything to anyone. I was terrified about the thought of setting up a bank account and agreeing with their terms to use it. The sheer sound of people mentioning bills, taxes, and money stressed me out without even knowing what they were talking about. All that I was accustomed to was having $7 dollars in my old wallet and   never taking it out of my drawer. Occasionally, I only would save up to buy one specific thing, and end up with zero after my purchase. I relied on my parents to buy me things, but I knew that   I was getting too old to ask. I often wondered how it must feel for them to constantly be buying food and clothes for a family of five and if they were eventually going to run out. Jonathan Garcia was nothing but a teenager who dreamed of success and money without having to go through the struggles of the financial world. However, I knew   that wasn’t going to be the case.

Attending the workshop was one of the biggest eye openers that I’ve ever experienced. Absolutely no cliché intended. It was a huge reality check that gave me exclusive insight to the twists, tricks, and turns of this laborious world that so many of our fellow brothers and sisters are struggling in. It enlightened me to see other students taking opportunities like these. A chance, to learn what today’s baby beamers only wished they’ve had. It was truly inspiring to hear Rose Macias talk about her life as child, growing up in San Bernardino with poverty and to finally tum into the person she is today. I took what she said the first meeting and thought about it more than anyone else. It is because of people like her, that students are mentally aware of making,   spending, and investing. The workshop helped me realize that retirement doesn’t start “later in   life,” it starts now. I have to keep in mind that becoming wealthy in the future depends on what I do today. The workshop gave us intriguing concepts to know for when it came to earning wealth and ending up poor: Income+ Savings + Long Term Savings= Wealth,   Income+Borrowing+Spending+Debt = Poor. These equations are so simple, yet so powerful and important for us to understand. It was also shocking to know that when somebody is younger, they only have to save a small amount of their income every month ($200 at age 40 for example) for them to become wealthier in the future for retirement. On the contrary, when somebody is older, the amount of money they have to save is unbearably higher ($5,000 at age 60 for example) for retirement. It is disappointing to know that very few people consider of these statistics, and find themselves struggling when their older because of their lack of financial literacy. This is what causes older people to work in stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, or any other low-income job. Fortunately, the workshop has allowed me to ensure that it will not be me in the future.

Saving little by little every month by starting now, staying away from debt, utilizing the Rule of 72, being consistent with my bills, and not buying objects in reckless fashion are all important factors in acquiring a good financial status. By not buying things with impulse, I can manage my money to then pay important bills that will keep my credit score excellent and well. Another way to keep my credit score relevant is to avoid borrowing and spending money so that I won’t end up in debt. Just as I learned in the workshop: Income+Borrowing+Spending+Debt = Poor. I’ll own a savings account that will be used monthly to place money in for retirement. I’ll make sure to invest an affordable amount of money in the account so that when retirement comes, I’ll have a sufficient amount of money that’ll be worth the amount of time I invested. I can also use the Rule of 72 to determine how much my money would be worth after inflation rates increase. Skills such as these provide strength and knowledge when making decisions for my life in the future.

I am incredibly thankful and blessed that I was able to learn the important steps, techniques, and tips of managing money at the workshop that I attended. Today, I feel more confident with investing and spending money than ever before. I feel that I am the luckiest generation to ever live in my family, for the sheer fact of living in this country with opportunities like these. Opportunities that open doors for years to come. I now know more than ever about how to thrive in this world. A world where money drives people. This financial world that I will conquer.