Jorge R. – Lakewood High School

Challenges We Don’t Need

In our world, we go through several challenges. Some are necessary, and some are created by our own faults, but financial difficulties should not be. Our problems can already be difficult with our jobs and our responsibilities. Not many people have financial knowledge, and due to this, they fall behind on bills or fall in unnecessary debt because they do not know much about money. We do not need these financial burdens. What we need is to have the knowledge to guide us through any financial scenario we may face.
Nowadays, we can use our phones and tablets to do many things, including budgeting.

There are already apps that help you track how much you spend. This will give you fixed expenses and your luxury costs. Try to move certain amounts of money regularly from your checking account to your savings account, and if you can, have this done automatically, so you don’t always have to do it. This is also a good technique to try to spend even lower, so you can end up with more in the end. We should also avoid overdrawing your checking accounts. Check before the rent is due, or before spending a big chunk of money. Overdrawing on your checking account could let the banks charge you with extra fees. There are other ways to help you save, but these tips will help you step in the real world.

All of the knowledge I have obtained from people and sources has been a great help. With this new knowledge, I can avoid the greatest and most unnecessary challenge: too much financial debt. Financial debt is something that I wish to avoid, but it is impossible to avoid it, especially if I want to go to college, get a degree in computer science, get a good job, and own real estate. My first goal of going and completing college, is probably one of the most expensive experiences that I will pay, so budgeting is very important in my early adult life. What we need is someone to teach us how to go through these financial challenges, and it should be done through high school education. It does not matter what you do later in life. Everyone should be educated in how to do taxes, how to handle necessary loans, and how to budget money. It is amazing how our education system has us focus on Shakespeare and the different types of cells, yet we are only required to take one semester of economics. Is that really enough? Do we really need only one semester of financial education?

College is said to be the best four years of your life, and many older adults will claim this due to the challenges that measured and defined them. Our future experiences may be the same, the only difference is that it will be our own struggles. We are the next generation, and college is already difficult, so learning about finances is an extra challenge. I learned a lot from NUVISION, and not just about finances. They gave additional tips on how to write better essays and the opportunity to begin learning finances at an early age. Many people believe that first is going to college or the workforce, but before heading into the real world we need to learn how to budget ourselves, avoid unnecessary debt, and become financially responsible. We all face the similar challenges, so let’s help each other conquer them.