JoyAnne B. – Lakewood High School

My New Vision for Finances

With the world’s unwise spending and tempting ways to constantly splurge on unnecessary choices, it is more important and prominent as the youth of America to make well thought out plans and goals for the future. With the information that was provided by the Think. Tank. Challenge, I have now a background and foundation to set my feet in for making current and future financial decisions. To take into account the advice about the financial dealings of this country, I will have to apply it to my short-term status of being a high school student, to the not too distant future of going to college, and then the world waiting beyond.

An often misconception that is conceived in young people’s mindsets is that there is not anything that they could currently do that will affect their future financially.

However, with this new motivation that was inspired by the advice that was shared by NuVision, I know that saving is important right now. Saving is a wise investment for keeping the future in mind such as emergency funds, retirement, and education. As a high school student, retirement is a lofty idea way above my head, especially since I am not out of school. However, a more graspable concept is saving for college, since that is in my sites. Saving for my education will come from my parents, which they have been keeping in mind for the past years. I also know that saving is an excellent training device for self-control over budgets and wisely knowing what is important and what is not exactly necessary. Knowing the difference and making the decision between the two will be beneficial.

As a goal that has been currently in my heart and in mind, I desire to publish a book that I have been writing for the past year. Though I am not planning to become a full-time author, I believe that my talent as a writer can benefit me if I can acquire a profit from getting books sold. Some may say that trying to get a book published is lofty goal, but if I can achieve it, it could become another source of inflow of money that could contribute to my educational fund. Knowing that is can be a possibility, I will continue this passion of mine and work hard to make is happen so I could benefit from its fruits.

The topic that was clearly expressed during the meeting was that debt was a huge problem in our economy. The country’s debt is overwhelming, but helping out ourselves by making wise decisions to prevent or get out of debt is extremely important to follow. Since I will be going to college, which that is a major factor to where former students suffer to pay off, I will take advantage of the scholarship opportunities provided. Doing well in school right now is also significant, for it will affect the amount of scholarships that will be given out. Another factor to prevent myself from sinking into the sea of debt is keeping a good credit score once I get a bank account. Knowing that I will have to take out loans for my upcoming education, I will need to make sure to show my credit integrity by paying them. I will also keep in mind to pursue a career that is logical and to my desire that will be suitable to make a living.

Beyond the vision that I can clearly see, is the path that I will take after college. I have ideas for possible career options, but something that is settled is that I will determinedly use my career to pay off the loans and college debt. With that a priority, I believe that it will be overcome much more quickly. I will also add more to a sturdy emergency and retirement fund so I can comfortably settle into my older years.

Through this time in my life, I will hold myself accountable to use the knowledge instilled in me by my parents and by the knowledge acquired by the surrounding communities rooting me on. The things I learned at the NuVision meeting about keeping a good credit score, saving, and keeping out of debt will positively help affect my high-school years, college experience, working life, and retirement.