Julian H. – Schurr High School

In this life, in this world, everything has a specific value that for the most part can be represented through money. You can identify the importance of something by justifying or comparing it with how much money it will cost to obtain. It is unbelievable how we have put a price on almost everything. Whether it is materialistic things such as a car, shoes, cloths, a new phone, and other ideals such as, world peace, ending world hunger, respect, honor, forcing people to do certain things, and power. Almost everything in this world revolves around money and when you don’t have it is extremely difficult to get around. In particular, us teenagers have the tendency to buy things without thinking twice on what will be the secondary effects of that decision. The truth is we can work and work but we will somehow end up low in cash at moments like these one might decide to take out loans to pay for college expenses, car purchase, and many other expenses this will ultimately led to us falling into debt. However, if you do certain things right you can alter the outcomes of this event.

There are so many ways to alter the outcome of owing thousands of dollars for whatever reasons. An example of such is beginning to understand how to manage your money. It doesn’t matter how much or how little money you have it is always good habit and idea to save it. Since a little kid I was shown to save money thanks to my lovely parents, I always understood the importance of saving money. I digress, but also understand that there are so many other teens whom have the inclination to spend their money, and that’s just their lifestyle it can’t be changed. Not until that person begins to realize the fatal consequences or suffers from their decisions that he or she begin to realize that they have to change their ways. That’s why I would like to present an alternative to change this. MAKE YOUR OWN SYSTEM! Us teenagers are the ones that can impact our future the most. Yes, there are people who will bring us down, and those who will help us significantly, but one thing remains true we affect our own future no one else. That is why I made up my own system. Truth be told I don’t have a job at the moment. Yet I have developed a potential system that I would live up to. That’s the most important thing to have, the ability to create a system and live up to it. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to develop an effective system and following it. But what good will it do to you if you don’t follow it. Just like anything else, what good is having a car but not having a license/knowing how to drive, have a charger but not a phone, have a life but misuse it, (not take advantage of your life). Before I get to deep let me just restate the fact that having a system and living up to it is an extremely difficult task to achieve, but eventually, in the long run you will benefit greatly from it.

Creating your own system is one of many ways to prevent yourself from falling into debt. There’s really no other way to explain how to become a better saver, because all you need to know is how to save your money. Only spend it when necessary. If you have food at home, eat that food, try not to eat out as often. If you are in desperate desire for a car but you don’t really need it as much as you think why spend an enormous amount of money on it. Most of us will become college students, but going to college is extremely difficult. Not just in terms of cleverness (being above average or average) but in terms of mentally, socially and especially economically. You will have to endure the change. That is why if you are a lousy saver and spend a large amount of money daily you are setting yourself up to failure. I understand this is a bit cruel and harsh but it is the truth you can’t expect to go and pay for college if you spend all your money and do not save one cent. Granted there will be scholarships that may facilitate this problem but money will always be necessary as to pay for basic necessities. Guess what though, the real challenge starts after college, college will just be a little warm-up for us. Because once we get into the real world everything will change we won’t be little kids nor teenagers we will be grown ass adults. No more crying to mommy and daddy for help. It’s our life now, we will realize it always has been and we must be aware that every decision we do from that moment on will impact us more than ever before. If we took out loans for college, we will have to pay that ASAP. Later on some of us might decide to start off a business and we might have to take out loans and fall into a great amount of debt, but if we overcame our issues of saving money our debts may be incredible easy and more than possible to pay.

People fall into debt because they don’t anticipate that their plan A will fail, because who wants to think that. Most of us like to think about the present and not so much about the future. That is why we must understand how important it is to save money, because when the day comes when we will go to college, start off a business, etcetera how great will it be to have enough or more than enough money to start off the many goals we have set ourselves to achieve. That won’t be possible if we don’t understand the great value of saving money. We must be prepared for the unexpected, if we are to face a crisis and receive a bill do we have enough money to pay it, or do we have an emergency fund to pay, or do we have to take out a loan. We have to think of these things maybe not yet, but eventually. Perhaps we may decide to obtain a credit card but be careful if you mess that up you will drown yourself in debt. So I advise you fellow teens to try your best to avoid a credit card and be cautious if you chose to have one. There are so many ways we can fall into debt but only one way to get out, pay it all. Which will be an extremely difficult task, so why put yourself in that position when you can prevent it by knowing how to manage your money.

We all want and need money, and once we have it we are so conceived with the idea that we can buy anything we desire. I suggest we refrain from falling into this temptation, we must be mature, and make the right decision. What may seem as the easy thing to do may cause significant damage in the future, do what is hard now, and you will see that the outcome will be outstanding. Yes, it’s true we are young, and we want to have fun, and we should we are young only once, but we also must not be ignorant and ignore/deny the fact that we have responsibilities. That’s why the sooner we realize this the faster we can begin our life, obtain greatness, and all the potential we have will emerge.