Jurnee F. – Long Beach Polytechnic High School

As humans we must hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Financial stability offers a certain level of comfortability when facing the unknown. The knowledge that you can afford to take care of your love ones is sure to make one feel safe. As a youth, I must learn to start saving now, in order to have money later. Self-control, and simply avoiding extravagant unneeded products can make the world of a difference.

People who have large amounts of money have their money because they refrain from spending it unnecessarily. Money saved up now will add up for later. Many people appear to be well off because of extravagant clothing and looks, but really, many of these people just simply aren’t managing their money well. Learning to save can be as simple as saving one dollar a day, because these dollars can add up after a few months. Having this money saved up is important for many reasons. If any unexpected emergencies or expenses come up, there will be less stress knowing you don’t have to scramble around trying to obtain money. Having money saved up is always the best situation to be in.

Many families struggle to live pay check to pay check. Having a family is expensive because it means buying a house and providing for the basic needs of multiple other people. If you learn to save money now, by the time you are old enough to have a family, you can feel comfortable in your ability to provide for and support them. This means less stress from debt and how far your money can stretch. The less stress on the family, the happier the family.

As a teenager, even without a job, I can still start to save. If I learn about financial responsibility now, it will help me in the best possible way later. As humans, we cannot prevent certain natural disasters or accidents, but we can prepare for them. Money allows us to better do this.