Kamille M. – Carson High School

Navigating New Territory

Being a part of the first generation from my family to attend a four year institution, college and my future have always been an enigma for me. As an immigrant, I have a new perspective on college, it was a way to accumulate all of my parents’ sacrifices into a brighter future for their child. This comes as a disadvantage because J saw that my peers had their parents as a resource to navigate their way into the rest of their lives while there was me, and as much support my parents can give me, we all were clueless about the education system in the United States. Immigrants pursuing a higher education is not rare, and going the extra mile can come as a great challenge to encounter in the journey. Thankfully, 1 grasped as many opportunities for myself that propel me forward and give me a sense of stability and comfort in a world I feel I haven’t found my place in. The Think. Tank. Challenge was one of these many opportunities.

Their information I found very helpful because getting to the first steps of higher education was one thing, but everything afterwards was a whole new labyrinth. Paying for college was a terrifying concept, we, as students do not want to stress about above the college application process. I had no idea how to even begin my application for college, but through the help of my counselors and the peer counseling program, f was able to overcome my doubts and fears, and finally build up the courage to press that ‘submit’ button. The next steps were finding ways to   pay for college, because my parents work paycheck to paycheck and I was left without a trace on important sources of funds, such as scholarships and financial aid. The simple, yet very informative tips I found online through the NuVision Federal Credit Union helped me get a jumpstart on planning my financial future. I know that college alone will be like immigrating   into new, unknown territory all over again, the articles NuVision provided for me help me get a sense of ground to begin building my future from the ground-up. I have always wanted to look back on my progress and see the help from the programs and opportunities that brought me forward into a new experience that is not as mysterious as it would have seemed without. The information given to me is a key in my choices because I know the outcomes of every single one. Through the Think. Tank. Challenge, my progress in planning has been outstanding, and I am glad to have partaken in a great investment in my future.