Kamyra W. – Carson High School

Saving money for young adults is something that most of us young adults struggle with because the more money we have the more spending we do. However, there are many ways young adults can become better savers. For instance, when a young adult becomes employed they should take I0% of every paycheck that they receive and store it away into a savings account. Young adults today buy the majority of the things that they want instead of what they need. Instead of buying the latest fashion trend that is really expensive, young adults should take in consideration if they really need it or not. If they don’t, they could save themselves some money by not buying the item.

For young adults, eating out and purchasing fast food is something that is very common. Making your own food is a lot cheaper because when young adults constantly spend money to eat two or three times a day it all adds up to a lot of money versus making meal that can last 3 days or even as long as a week. Using public transportation is a great way for young adults to save some money. Public transportation can get you from point A to point B without spending lots of money as well. For instance riding a bus for $1 or $2 is way cheaper than buying gallons of gas that are at least $3 per gallon and all the other expenses that are associated with owning your own vehicle.

Having a budget is something that young adults do not consider when they are buying. A budget can help young adults save money because it sets an estimated amount of money that can be spent within a set period of time. Young adults should spend wisely.

Young adults can practice being debt-free by keeping track of their spending. Most young adults will spend money and not know how much they have spent. The best way to keep track of how much they are spending is by estimating how much money is being spent weekly or monthly and that will show whether they are on the right track of being debt-free or not. They also should not take out more loans than necessary. For example, a credit card is a loan of money that needs to be paid back to the credit card company over a period of time if used. Therefore, young adults should not just buy anything and everything from the money on that card because it’s not their own money. Sometimes young adults will buy so much with a loan, like it’s free money, that they aren’t able to pay it all back which will put them into debt which isn’t good. If young adults us a loan and they make their payments on time, and not spend too much on unnecessary stuff, they should remain debt-free.
Understanding the value of money at an early age can help young adults save their money. They can also ask successful adults on how they got to where they are just by saving money and keeping track of it all. If young adults save starting when they receive their first job, they will be amazed on how much they have saved how much that money will help them in the long run.