Karina R. – Oxford Academy

Nuvision Essay

As my father says, “From the first check, you set aside money for your savings and the rest can go into checking.” In reality, handling money is simply a game of Uno.
Everyone’s first thought when receiving their hand of cards is to set aside a few cards that will later be used to strike. We call those cards the “special” cards. Well, receiving your next check should be no different. Setting aside a certain percentage of our check should always be our first thought in order to have something to strike back with when life decides to throw us a curveball. Without a savings account, our future will not have a strong foundation to grow on and nowhere to get money when we plan to buy a house, car, or other investment.

Thinking ahead of the game and asking yourself questions is crucial. What color am I willing to put down if they place another? What are the chances that a certain number or color will appear? Planning ahead keeps anyone from getting caught off guard. In this way, every bill due date is written down and we are constantly reminded through a schedule. Undeniably, to be debt free, we must avoid fees. Forgetting to pay for something or not keeping track of where our money is going may leave many saddled in the vigorously endless cycle of late fees and due dates.

Keeping one step ahead of the game keeps the player on their toes, but keeping an open eye keeps them aware. Remembering which players no longer have certain cards or have recently gained a new one allows the player to take advantage of the opportunity to place down more cards than others. Watching out for opportunities available at various jobs such as matching for 401k plans or various other opportunities gives young adults the ability to make the best of their money. Opportunities must be sought after. We must always keep an eye on our cards and on the other players, ready to jump when an opportunity arises.

Every once in a while, unfortunately, it happens that the player doesn’t have neither the color nor the number that corresponds with the card placed on the deck. Thus, they are forced to eat cards until one appears that works. Life makes it so that we just don’t have the money to purchase a certain necessity at a point in time and are too forced to take out loans until we have enough. The most efficient way to make a come-back from that downfall is to place as many cards down at once to get back to a smaller set of cards to deal with. Paying off any debts that do happen to cross our paths is very crucial because they only add up over time. Loans, which are comparable to cards in the game of Uno, have the same end goal: getting rid of them faster to bring us closer to victory.

The greatest satisfaction comes from yelling “Uno” when the player has one card left, marking one play from the win. Every player will stop at nothing to keep you from winning; what they don’t expect, however, is you to have that “special” card that allows you to place down any card after. At the end of the day, following the above steps and any other tricks up your sleeve will give you the path towards this ending card: the one that claims your victory. You have a schedule that does its best to keep you out of debt, a mindset to pay any loans or debts off as soon as possible, a savings account that helps you to dodge bullets, an open eye seeking for advantages, and a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Let me give it to you straight. Become an expert at Uno and only then will you become an expert with the game of life and saving. Own your future and your fortune.