Ke’Mar E. – City Honors College Preparatory


Growing up in school I was never taught financial literacy and how to manage my money as an adult. Being a young African American male in an urban community I grew up around having to have the nicest things and nothing less, so saving money and spending less was never a part of my life. I am not sure how the school system expects us young people to file our taxes, balance bank accounts, save money, and budget if we are never taught these things in high school. Sometimes I wonder if the government wants us to be uninformed about the things we need to know to survive in the adult world to be able to take advantage of us naïve adults.

Without this information we are vulnerable to bad credit and all of the struggles that come with poor credit. Which can lead to a stressful life, James Baldwin once said “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how expensive it is to be poor”.

When attending the Think. Tank. Challenge financial workshop I obtained knowledge that changed my outlook on how to live life in terms of finances. Wants vs. Needs is a big part in becoming an organized adult. The reason I say that is because you cannot be low income and live a materialistic life buying things (expensive cars, clothes, and etc.) as if you are wealthy. That can lead to bad credit and going broke while trying to look rich.

People in this day and age lack patience and that can also lead to being broke. Saving more and spending less is an essential part into being wealthy when you are an elder and retired. I understand that it is tempting to buy the things that will make people notice you and make you feel comfortable. The truth of the matter is that you are living a half-way life. You may ask. “What is a half-way life?” In my definition a half-way life is not having a high income but buying things that make that make you look rich. If you save more and spend less within the years of working you can expect to retire on a good amount of money. Rather than retiring with a low amount of money or working for the rest of your life because you have no retirement funds.

With this information alone I see a wealthy and stress free future ahead of me. I plan to spread this information amongst my uninformed peers. It is better to see everybody succeed than just the individual.