Kylie G. – Mater Dei High School

Think. Tank. Challenge Essay 2017

Every parent’s dream is to see their child grow up and succeed in life. There are road blocks, disasters, and money problems, but that just makes everyone cherish the good moments so much more. Most of us would not think about finance, money, or savings until our early twenties but NuVision and the Think. Tank. Challenge plan to change that.

An adult’s opinion on finance, money, and college vary from a high school student’s perspective on similar topics. Most students know about the basics of spending and saving but most of us do not know the proper way to do so. Think. Tank. Challenge influences choices greatly and shows us that if we focus on our goals, we will succeed. Goals are important for everybody to have and are necessary to make a change in our lives. Being successful with money is a goal that most of us have or strive to accomplish, and with NuVision’s help, we can succeed.

How is it that one moment you love money and the next, it’s the most disliked thing on Earth. Food, insurance, and transportation are a few of the main necessities in life that you spend money to receive. Money is put in savings accounts and is spent on everyday needs yet in the words of NuVision, “To master money, you need to manage money.” There are positives that accompany money like food, entertainment, and shopping yet on the other hand there are bills to pay. Think. Tank. Challenge shows me that managing and saving money is important and as a teenager, I should start thinking about my future sooner rather than later.

Most people like to focus on the present in life, however it’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. According to NuVision, the average amount of money for a millennial to retire with is 2.5 million dollars. My thought on retirement differs because I am only in high school but overall I understand that money is important and planning ahead in life will lead to a happy future. Retirement savings are essential and NuVision explains everything we need to understand to live a debt free life. Retirement, money, and a happy future are three topics that have a significant amount of importance in our lives.

NuVision and the Think. Tank. Challenge are changing how we manage our finances, money, and savings accounts and are preparing us for our futures. I have learned essential information that will influence my choices with money and finances greatly throughout my life.