Larry S. – Lakewood High School

How Young Adults Can Save and Avoid Debt

As many people know young adults have had many issues when it comes to saving for their future and handling their debt. These are the first years that many people become financially dependent on themselves instead of being able to solely rely on their parents for everything. With this new responsibility many don’t realize just how much work they have to put in to planning in order for their money to go as far as it can. There are quite a few things though that many young adults can do to help save money and make sure they avoid debt.

One of the problems that can lead to debt is that a person might not be able to control themselves when they see something they want to buy, so one of the important things that has to be learned is self-control. It might seem hard but without self-control adults of any age would only go into debt because they would buy more than they could afford. As younger adults with a history of getting things easier from family it can be difficult to make the transition but it is a necessary lesson that has to be learned. It is how every other well off adult has been able to gain as much as they have. If by some chance debt becomes inevitable the important thing to do is try and pay it off as quickly, and safely, as possible so that it doesn’t drag on. If you only pay the minimum amount then the debt will never get any smaller and the longer debt remains, the more money needs to be used to pay it off over time, so cutting it off earlier will save a lot of money that can eventually be sent towards saving for the future.

During the young adult years many might not think about saving their money in the bank that much because at the time they might not have that much. This is an idea that should be avoided. Saving early, regardless of how much money a person makes at the time, will only have a positive contribution. Putting in a small portion of a paycheck every month will lead to a bit of interest over time. Time is important in the growth of a savings account which is why starting sooner is better.

It’s important to take the time whenever possible to plan out a simple budget that is easy to stick to, but also encourages keeping a good portion of the income for later purposes or for things like an emergency fund. Setting up an emergency fund early can help when someone’s income stops because they were somehow let go from work. Using that money during the transition can help keep someone from going into debt trying to pay the bills or for basic needs. Saving money becomes easier but if young adults want to start then they have to take the time to set themselves up. Planning is important and has to be done even if it isn’t fun or it doesn’t seem helpful. To avoid debt and protect the future all it takes is self-control and a decent plan.