Leigha O. – Cabrillo High School

Before the controversial case of Trayvon Martin occurred, I was ignorant to the unjust acts happening against the black community. I had been fortunate enough to not experience any detrimental discrimination. However, that still did not take away from the fact that others were suffering from it. At first, I didn’t believe such travesties still went on, but then cases like Alton Sterling and Eric Garner kept challenging my former beliefs. Hence, I was left in a state of disbelief and disgust. I made up my mind that I wish to change the justice system, or at least to be the voice of not just African-Americans, but all people facing discrimination, in general.

Now, my ultimate goal is to become a civil rights lawyer. To make sure my dreams flourish into reality, I use d the tips given to me by the school ambassador at the presentation such as defining my vision and dream. Identifying and writing down my short term and long term goals are the first step. Some of my short term goals are absorbing as much of information from my AP Government class, to enrich my learning about the makeup of the government, and to be accepted into the University of Southern California. My lo ng term goals are to study abroad in college , do a summer internship at a law firm in college, graduate from college , and ultimately get into law school. In addition, another concept I was exposed to was The Fundamental Principles of Money.

By following the principles, I will efficiently use my money. Thus, I will financially stable, which is another target I want to reach. To eliminate as much debt from college as possible, I will avoid using cred it cards at all costs. From the presentation, I learned that credit cards are not what I thought they were, credit cards is basically paying someone else to use their money. My alternative is to find an on-campus job that will be flexible with my schedule. With the money I earn, I will save to ensure I have backup money for emergencies. Also, I was well informed of The X-Curve, the concept that one’s responsibilities decrease over time while their wealth increases. In terms of myself, that is the lifestyle l desire to have, and with creating a saving s account and placing ten percent of my paycheck in the future, l will avoid many dilemmas.

A plan is only a dream without action. My actions will be precise and smart so that I will avoid as many obstacles in the future such as debt. The information provided at the presentation are crucial tips that are going to benefit me in the future. I will apply them to my everyday life to ensure my life goals become my lifestyle.