Litzx G. – Cabrillo High School

Think. Tank. Challenge

Money. They say that you don’t need it to be happy, or to live a fulfilled life, but when your happiness comes from seeing those you love live an unburdened life, you see why this statement would be false. Over the years, we learn about the significance of money, and contemplate how we can help while sitting alone at the dinner table because our parents are at work making sure we have the very food we are eating. I know I personally have spent numerous evenings wondering how I can pitch in for now, but especially in the future. As a hopeful first generation student I know the road ahead of me will not be easy, but my determination and resourcefulness will undoubtedly help my family and I achieve my higher education goal. I will make sure that money is not the reason why I am held back.

Saving money is extremely difficult, especially when you are depended on, or simply trying to be independent. Most juniors and seniors have jobs outside of school, making it harder for them to stay on track. Nevertheless, they need money to help support their families, and sometimes to even support themselves. I decided to join cheerleading my sophomore year, and while it is an expensive sport, totaling about $2,400 so far not including this upcoming senior year, I pursued it because I would not let money be the obstacle in a dream of mine any longer. My mother could not support an expense this large, which is when I decided that it was time for me to get a job. This decision has been a tremendous challenge as I have to balance my job, three AP courses, two Honors courses, cheerleading, and my other extracurricular activities.

Notwithstanding the challenges, I have managed to maintain a 3.8 weighted GPA, and pay off my cheer debt. In fact I opened a bank account where I allocate part of what I earn towards my college fund and another part towards helping my grandmother who resides in Mexico. She has very little, so I donate a p01iion of my weekly check so that she does not have to stress and ask others for money. As much as I would love to help her even more, going to college is very important to me. My family’s financial resources are scarce meaning it is up to me to plan ahead. While hopeful, I am not naive. I have attempted to educate myself financially to the best of my abilities thus far hoping that it pays off later.

I have put a tremendous amount of effort into my education, where I always strive to gain from enriching opportunities and save money along the way. Receiving this scholarship will not only be validation to my efforts, but it will also increase my opportunities of attending college and doing something beneficial with my life. I want to be able to look back at tough sleepless nights and realize that everything was worth it. I want to rejoice in the fact that winning scholarships and getting good grades took me far in life. I want to be financially independent enough to support my mother, grandmother, and even help others like me. I hope to receive this aid now, and pay it forward later.