Lydia Z. – Mater Dei High School

Think. Tank. Challenge

The lessons from Think. Tank. Challenge have positively altered my view on life and how the choices I begin to make now matter. Although talking about the future and money can be scary, it is important and I’m glad I was able to be informed upon these importance topics. I have learned about the importance of money, my future, and where I am now, high school.

Everyone knows money is important. Without money, we wouldn’t be able to survive. That is why people all over the world work every single day to make money, but what I’ve learned from this challenge is that money is easy to lose, however if I know the right way to handle it I won’t have to worry about being in an unfortunate situation. When I’m older, I don’t want to work an average job I dislike to only make just enough money to get by. I want to be successful in what I set my mind to and enjoy my life while earning a sufficient amount of money. I don’t want to feel held back from opportunities and experiences because of financial situations. I want to use money for good purposes such as education and giving back to my family because they have sacrificed so much for me and my siblings. Growing up as a child of divorced parents, I learned at an early age how important money is and how so many things in the world revolve around it. It pays for education, materials, housing, and other necessities that a human needs to survive. With that being said, the Think. Tank. Challenge has influenced me to be careful with how I use my money and to use it responsibly and less. I now know how easy it come and can go and I don’t want to make any mistakes.

The future is always an interesting topic to converse about because it hasn’t happened yet, and there are many ways it can play out. Evidently, I hope to have a bright and successful future myself, and with the Think. Tank. Challenge I’ve learned that I can have a successful future if I am careful with the choices I make now and if I am informed because people don’t just become successful overnight. I know it takes hard work and responsibility and I know I have what it takes when I set my mind to something. Although retirement sounds so far away now, I’ve learned it’s important to get a head start so when I do reach that time in my life, I won’t feel worried and overwhelmed. In the future, I will apply the lessons I’ve learned such as being responsible with credit, and always saving more than I spend. A big part of the future of course is my education because it is essential to a successful future and I want to make sure that my family will be able to afford it so I will do everything I can to help them because they have so many kids to worry about, such as me, my two siblings and three other step siblings.

Most importantly, the things I took away from the challenge is that I need to begin making choices today. The present plays a key role to success and getting a head start. I am going to become more active in the planning of my future because college is one year away. My parents inspire me to save my money and to work hard because they came from Mexico and work exceedingly to give me the education and all the opportunities I have been blessed to have. They have passed their hard work ethic and determination to me, and I hope to pass that on to the rest of my posterity. It would be an honor to be the first generation to be able to graduate from a college and that is my goal. I’m currently looking for a part job while remaining in high school, spending my money wisely, and focusing on my school work to receive good grades and to become more involved in my community.