Melissa – Carson High School

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Saving money is always difficult, with so many persuasive ads everywhere you turn. You don’t necessarily need a light saver and yet you wall out with one. Young people in specific tend to be targeted, knowing were vulnerable and unexperienced with money. None the less it is possible to become a better saver. Young adults can become better savers by setting aside a small amount of money each pay check or any time they get a hold of money. Even if it is simply one dollar, that dollar will multiply. Consistency will have to be embedded in one’s head and know not to give into any useless product or service. Young adults can also begin by applying for credit cards and building their credit. A smart example of this is having their guardian have a credit card under the young adult’s name and the parent can be using it. Therefore, the parent is assisting the person build credit if they are still too young or don’t have a source of income.

Young Adults can invest in a savings account and make a budget as well to help gain better saving habits. By having a savings account, one can be at ease aware that they have a small amount ready for them in case of emergencies or for their future. Having a savings account remind you to once again but in a small amount every so often for your future. Making a budget can really help as well. By creating a budget one must prioritize what they need and are able to differentiate the difference between a want and a need. Budgets put everything into perspective and make one realize how the cost of living is expensive. A budget keeps you on track and enforces that you follow it with the facts right in front of you. Another way a young adult can begin becoming financially secured is by setting goals. Setting goals is by far the most valuable route to becoming a better saver. Putting in place a goal, specifically short term and long term is very valuable because it keeps you motivated to achieve that goal. Short term goals allow you to strive for something in a short period of time and if succeeded, one is proud and inspired to create more or reach for the stars all the way to the long term goal. Unfortunately, money does rule everything around us and with this mindset, we need money to live. The goals we set for ourselves will most likely need to be funded and so in order to achieve the foals we need to become smarter savers.

Ultimately, anyone can become a better saver but it is important to start early. Cutting back on needless items, setting goals, creating a budget, opening a savings account and more can assist us very much. Saving even the smallest of change can make a difference and rewarding yourself often with a cheap service or item can be good. Finding other forms of income can also service us, displaying your entrepreneurial side. On my behalf, I plan on executing the tips stated above, such as creating a budget and setting aside money for my future. I will also invest in a higher education at the University of California Santa Cruz this coming fall in environment science as it will be an investment for my future.