Mia T. – Carson High School

“You must save to get where you want to go.” This is what former Jaguars player Thomas Williams said to us during the Nuvision workshop on March 1st, 2018. This simple statement has stuck with me since that day. While the meaning is straightforward, that doesn’t mean that saving is such an easy task to accomplish. I tum eighteen years old next month and am preparing for the next stage in my life. And while this is all new and exciting, I’m soon going to be faced with all the financial responsibilities that come with young adulthood. I know I’m not alone in this experience but saving money is incredibly difficult. As we leave high school behind, there are several fees and costs that are being thrown at us. Not to mention, our own personal desires that we wish to fulfill. How are young people meant to suddenly obtain these overwhelming amounts of money?
After the Nuvision presentation, 1 knew I could no longer deny that I, Mia Techur, am a horrible saver. I spend money like it’s nothing and can easily blow through all my savings. However; with the information I’ve received earlier this month, I know that I can change my spending habits. 1 think one of the most important tips I gained from Nuvision was that time is actually money. We must save as soon as we can because time is our greatest ally. I’m trying to implement that now with the small amount of money I receive. Hopefully, with all the money I come across I can put a great sum of what I earn into my savings and only keep a reasonable amount for myself. The moment you decide it’s more important to save is how you know you’re moving in the right direction.

Saving is one of the fundamental financial steps a person must exercise. When your saving habits are bad, debt will soon follow and ruin your financial stability. The problem young adults might face soon is not earning money, but what they do after they obtain it. This is where you can apply the wall formula. The wall formula shows how people can fall into and prevent debt. The problem is when people receive their income they spend it way too easily. Then, you’ll have to borrow money to pay expenses, you are now in debt. First, once you receive your paycheck, put a good amount of the money you earn into your savings account. When this money moves to a long term savings account an individual can then achieve wealth. It’s that simple, save to stay out of debt.

In conclusion, finances can be difficult if you don’t understand the basics. It’s crazy to think that only 5/50 states require financial education in high school, when money is such a great part of our lives. Thus, I’m telling all people like me that by changing your spending habits, learning to save money, and staying out of debt you can have a financially stable future. Always remember to start saving now. Stay focused, work hard, and you will be succeed. Saving is a process.