Nataly R. – Bell Gardens High School

Ways Students can be Financially Responsible

It’s a common belief that teenagers and young adults choose poor choices on how they handle their money. Many don’t consider the best way to handle this many, young adults base their financial decisions on what they want and not what they need. Placing luxury over responsibilities is an unfortunately common habit between the youth, but it is possible for young adults to be financially stable.

Since many receive their first job after high school and are financially independent from their parents, young adults feel the need to buy the things they were never able to own before. But as we are aware young adult are more likely to fall within financial instability and are into either depth or don’t have any money to spend for important essentials. So as a way to help recently young adults on being responsible with their spending habits it’s always best to start a student account with a bank and learn how to maintain their balance and realize how much the deposit is and view how much money is within the account. Once they have become stabilized with their debate card they should apply for a credit card and use it to buy small essentials that they need such as groceries or school supplies to build up credit that would be needed in the future. There is a couple of things students should take notice of once they establish a credit card account, like verifying the interests rate is not a double digit number, because the higher the interest rate is the more the student has to pay back to the bank. Another thing that must be taken note of is that it is mandatory to pay the amount own on time or else they may receive a penalty charge, which add more toward what they already owe.

In addition, it is crucial that a student should not only manage their money wisely but consider what they need to spend money towards. For instance, if they are indecisive on whether to spend money on new shoes or a computer, they have to consider the decision on what can wait and what is urgently in need of. Another important factor is that they have to see how much they can spend personally on themselves with an established budget. This is important factor which will settle what they can spend on themselves without worrying about not having enough money to pay towards their schooling. As another source for they could be financially stable is that the student applies for FAFSA yearly so they could receive money from the government which does not have to be paid back, which results in them having to contribute less money towards their education. The process consume a lot of time but it will be beneficial having that extra support system which only requires a student’s taxes, and the student could receive more money towards their tuition fees if they receive excellent grades.


In conclusion, it’s in the student’s best interest to not fall into debt by being responsible towards how they spend their money. Yes it doesn’t always seem like a fascinating thing to do, but later on in their future it would demonstrate how wise they were on being financial wise when attending college. Thousands of students fall into debt during their college years by not placing their priorities over their luxuries they so desperately crave. Even though this may be an endless cycle that occurs throughout the generations that doesn’t every young adult has to go through it. By following these important procedures, it may just make the difference towards a student so they don’t fall into debt with college loans.