Rashell M. – Cabrillo High School

The world revolves around money, how people live, how people see each other, how people choose future careers, and more. The lessons that were given to me from the Think.Tank. Challenge, opened a more detailed world about the value of money within our younger and older days. I learned more about how to save and manage money. Also, how I can be financially successful.

I am the typical sixteen year old who adores to throw money at what they desire and assume that they need it right when they see an opportunity, but I have discovered that there’s no need to buy, even when I can. When I receive money all I crave is spending it. I seek to buy   food, drinks, and random items just because I know I am able too. I have been taught various   new ways to not do such regrettable actions, for instance, instead of getting coffee from businesses as often as I do, I can save money by making it at home constantly. Similar with food, rather than eating out frequently, I can make meals at home, it can help both my health and my pocket.

I have been trying to practice how to spend my money wisely. Such as, going to Tuesday specials at the movies where a ticket is six dollars rather than twelve dollars on any other day.   The lesson of getting in the habit of saving money has been a goal of mine. I come from a family that believe once you receive money, you deserve the right to spend it the way you prefer to, which I agree with but   I have been wiser with it. When I accept money, I want to go out and waste it as soon as possible, in which learn but currently, I have been making small sacrifices to not do so. Such as, 1 don’t longer buy snacks from school, I bring snacks from home in which is a cheaper alternative and once again, a healthier option. I have also been purchasing used books 16 years old from the dollar book store rather than buying brand new books for more than ten dollars. Little Thin gas go a long way in the future.

I don’t only look upon today’s time but also the future. Elbert Smith, Cabrillo high school ambassador, explained further understanding of the responsibilities of an adult. He defined credit, the account of family and much more. I have become familiar with the safety of being prepared in case of an unfortunate event in which the topic of money is highly discussed. Saving is a benefit of course, but saving for the unknown is highly requested. The unknown, such as a death of a family member can be worried some when it comes to money. If not  prepared, it can nega tively affect one greatly. The present and the future are equally important when it comes to money.

I am a regular teenager who loves money and loves to spend it, but I have recently understood the value of money in the present and the future. I have learned various ways on how to spend and save, which l plan to continue in college and further beyond. Money can do so much to a person, but for me, I want it to be something I earn and something I am going to keep stable.