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Nuvision Credit Union Essay
As a new generation of Americans begin to grow up surrounded with technology and technological advances during their upbringing, it is undeniable that all these kids of 21st century have the potential to do amazing things in the future. As completed education becomes more common amongst young adults, young people of today are on the path to success with good paying jobs. However, the education needed does come with a price and therefore is a major factor to the amount of debt many young people of today are facing as they enter adulthood. Furthermore, part of being successful in a job surely depends on finances and everyone has goals as to how much money they would like to earn with their careers. For financial stability and true success, young adults of today need to take measures into ensuring that they are debt free and understand the importance of saving money. Learning about how to manage money is a key step towards success and although young people of today may think that they are too young to learn about finances, they can take steps today to ensure that they have a successful future with little to no debt. Young adults of today can take advantage of technology to ensure a constant and good amount of savings for their future, and begin saving at a young age in order to make them better prepared for a debt-free future.

Many adults have learned of the importance of saving money and so there are many online programs that young adults can use to manage their money and keep constant control of their savings. Newer generations are known for their grand dependence on technology, especially today that technology is so accessible and therefore plays part to many people’s lives on a day to day basis. Young people, especially spend so much time on their phone and so having an app, for instance, that will help them manage their money is an easy way for young people to remain in better control of their finances. It is no hassle to simply click on an app from a phone that is constantly in a person’s hand, and so starting to use an app to manage finances is an easy first step to getting in the habit of managing money on a day to day basis. Overall, the dominance of technology on a day to day basis should be taken advantage of, which is why young adults should use online resources to help ensure savings and remain debt free throughout their life in the future.

In addition to using technology to help manage money, young adults should begin saving at an early age in order for them to prioritize savings in the future as it is something necessary to financial stability. As young people enter their first jobs, they should immediately set aside money for their savings and continue to do so as they get older. They will obviously make mistakes with their money, but the fact that they do so at a young age makes them less likely to do so in the future where it can have more catastrophic results. In all, young people can start saving money early in order to make them better savers in the future and ensure financial stability.

Americans still dream with success but in order to achieve it they must have financial stability and so know how to manage their money properly. Preparing for such responsibilities at a young age ensures that these things will happen as young adults can take measures to ensure stability today. By using technology and saving from a young age, young adults can have financial stability and learn to become better savers in the future.