Samantha G. – Marina High School

Madonna once said, “only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day.” Aside from the catchy beat of the song, these lyrics can actually change one’s life. She specifically says “boys who save their pennies” meaning the boys who save their money rather than spend it right away are the ones she is interested in. Ultimately, she is promoting saving money because she realizes just how important and beneficial it is in the long run.

By saving money you are able to stay debt-free, build good credit scores, and most importantly have more money. Additionally, it is crucial to start young because it is much more rewarding long term. To become a better saver, I believe there are two main ways to help. First, one needs to know what his/her goals and main objectives are, and second is to start small.

Knowing your goals and objectives helps with being a better saver because it creates a clear path of what you are going to spend your money on. You should have a specific item or items that you really want-or even believe to be necessary-kept in mind at all times. This will keep you from spending money on unnecessary items because you will be focused on saving money for your main goal. The money you would have been spending on unnecessary items can now be funneled towards your goal item.

The next way to save money is by starting small. “Boys who save their pennies” will be better off in the long run because the little things really do count. All of the extra cents will really add up in the end. If you save $0.25 every day for 50 years, then you will have about $4,500. If you save $1.00 every day for 50 years, then you will have $18,250. This prove just how much $1.00 can do for you. Instead of spending it on a pack of gum, a bag of chips, or an unnecessary new app, save it for your future. Keeping a money jar is an easy way to do this and see big rewards in return.

These two simple tips will keep you debt-free and a great saver. You will have extra money in the long run and won’t be worrying about the effects that being in debt cause.