Samantha K. – Lakewood High School

As a young student, it is essential that I am aware of the importance in saving. I have learned through experience and research on how to prepare for my future. A student who is college bound will typically be worried about how they can afford a higher education. The sooner good habits begin in young adulthood, the better. Working throughout high school is a great way to begin saving. The money that is accumulated must be used wisely though. The best thing to do is to immediately open a savings account. I have a checking and savings account and each time my paycheck is deposited, sixty percent of the money is automatically sent into my savings account. Having a fixed percentage of every check that goes into a separate account instantaneously makes it effortless to save money over time.
As for a savings account, you should choose a bank that will give you a high interest rate. This way you can keep the value of your money while prices inflate over time. It is important that the interest rate remains balanced with inflation rates so that the hard earned money you put into the bank will be worth as much as it was when you saved it. By time you are using the money to pay off any debt that you might have, you will have made more money just by keeping it in a bank.

Another smart option for young adults would be to join a credit union. Credit unions give more incentives than traditional banks. These establishments are
non-profiting which means they are there to help out others rather than profit off of your money. They give out loans with the smallest interest rates and do not require a minimum account balances. With choosing loans to take out if it is necessary, students should chose to take out loans with a small interest rate or ideally take out loans with no accumulating interest rates such as a subsidized loan. If you chose a loan with a high interest rate, your debts will be much larger by the time you will begin to pay them off.

For a student who is about to commence college, looking at all of the expenses can be intimidating. The goal should be to take out as few loans as possible. Hopefully a student will receive aid from the school there are set to attend. After these amounts are deducted, it is clear to see the net cost that will need to be contributed by the students and parents. To lower the cost of any loans, it is a great idea apply to many scholarships to reduce this amount to be as minuscule as you can get it. Students should try to utilize all of the free money that is out in the world and take the time to search for free scholarships and grants that will assist in keeping college affordable.